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I’d still rather just jump back parry.

The discussion is kind of moot due to specifics. There’s a reason no one often jabs as AA. In certain situations it can setup a good position but in many you’ll just lose outright and eat some beefy damage. A well timed AA FP/RH (depending on character) can often hit and even if parried not be hanging out there except to be maybe jabbed. Again, this is really just a moot example too because someone can say “well if they’re a bit closer when you AA they can parry and x,y,z, etc.” That’s absolutely true and just like basically everything in 3S it comes down to the actual decision at that moment.

Thanks for the videos. I don’t mind the ads if you’re making a little change off this stuff. If you can start producing better stuff and get people beyond just yourself involved it’d be pretty interesting.

Jump at me, do you? I’ll teach you! jump awaaaay

I wasn’t suggesting you edit your videos afterwards (I didn’t say that at all), I was suggesting you prepare your gameplay demonstrations with some clear notes BEFORE you sit down to record, and that way there will be more clarity and less fuck-ups and patchy explanations.

I just watched the SGGK video and I would be curious to know what somebody (who didn’t already know what SGGK is) got from the clip, because to me quite a few of the explanations and demonstrations could have been clearer and more concise. Like, surely one of the best ways to demonstrate SGGK would be to record the dummy SGGKing instead of you, and that way every time you attack/throw/etc it shows the exact same dummy’s inputs having different results and saves you re-recording the demonstration for each variable. Like how all the SGGK videos on YouTube are done (it makes the most sense).

Keep it coming though, I still think they’re all decent ideas.

Might be abit lame, but it’s pretty safe.

Thanks for the CROUCH tech video! Seems made just for me. My friend taught me them yesterday. It makes a lot more sense now.

Can we request tutorials? Honestly, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten NEW 3S tuts.

You want safe? Play sf4. 3s is all about adding to your arsenal of ways out because they’ll catch on to the few you have already. Believe it or not, if you jumped back with parry everytime I jumped in, then I would jump in let you jump back and dash two times or even jump again and EX tatsu chase you out of the air. After like two jump backs of course. I saw 5star do that to Bebop one time and it blew my fucking mind.


If you have some requests on tutorials you want to see, message me and I’ll put them all together on a list.

Well obviously, I don’t do it every single time, and besides plenty of people parry ex tatsu it ain’t that hard.

after they caught jumping back? really? Goddamn, maybe the UK scene isn’t as weak as I thought. No offense.

I would like to see a tutorial on red parry option selects.

well for stuff like short shorts, you can press up after the down red parry so if they only do 1 short and no red parry comes out you jump out of a low short tic throw. if you red parry the jump input doesnt count so you can react accordingly.

just thought of that one in 10 seconds lmao :looney:

It really isn’t that hard, the first parry gives you more then enough time to react and parry the rest.

i would have to agree with this for certain reasons

imo st.jab as an AA shouldnt really be used as a universal tool even with an option select behind it…yea its good against ppl who parry on their jump ins but there are other options that are much more efficient and pay off more than just a simple jab…try to put into perspective what situation you put yourself and your opponent in afterwards considering you want to maximize every weakness your opponent has…after a st.jab AA the least that happens is that your opponent gets reset onto the ground into a guessing game where 90% of your own options (kens options) are stopped by simply blocking…and just as Yuuki said st jab can be beaten more often than other options by early jump ins especially from characters that have big punishments or combos for jump ins like dudley or ken

considering this while factoring in that they might parry anyways will leave you in a non effective position (possibly risky as well if they parry again and attempt to punish you…where as if you just dash under or jump back parry into jump back normal will be less risky and still leave you many options left over to punish or simply be safe and thats one of the most important concepts to know when playing this game…

this is my 2 cents

safety first kids!

Eh, I use fwd~jab with Chun all the time. Yeah, you could dash under or jump back parry, but you don’t always have time to react. It’s also useful in situations where she’s forced to block (e.g., a well spaced j. rh from Duds). I supposed you could just block, but I’d rather not give Dudley a chance to shove his fist up my ass. If they parry the jab then you can just keep mashing on it. It’s not the best AA in the world, but it definitely has uses.

How can you have the reactions for st jab anti air but not jump back parry?

Anyway, Chun has the best jab in the game. So it’s hardly surprising it works well. However, you’d think they’d just parry your jabs tbh :confused:

do it old school MOV style! back fierce x lighting legs for anti air vs dud! lol

i loved how mov plays this game of “i bet you didnt know this” when i played him.

mgear: i bet its better to learn that anti air crouch parry thing especially since chun is such a shorty. also when i went to game versus i saw nuki and kokujin playing. when kokujin jumped over nuki, nuki did back +mk and kokujin parried all 3 hits of back + mk while he was falling back down on the other side…so sick…lol

Pressing jab is a lot faster and can be done a lot later.

That doesn’t work when he’s right above you. His elbow beats her back fierce clean, same with standing rh. I’m pretty sure c. rh trades, but you’re completely fucked if he parries it.

I’ve been trying to implement that into my game, but I can’t do it without “thinking” about it yet.

If you do jab anti air vs duds rh expect to eat 6 hits of love from him.

Yes st jab works sometimes but the point is there are way better options.

Keep in mind greentea that the people who are gonna watch and benefit from these vids are beginners. I have a feeling that they will watch this kinda vid and get hung up on it when tbh it’s not really practical at all. Same with sggk. It’s just not necessary.

IMO like 90% of option selects are just cool tricks but aren’t useful and no one uses them in their play.

Oh yeah I’m not hatin on your vids or nothin either. Good job on taking the time to help people.

Good job making new tutorials, it’s been a while… The only suggestion I’d have is what circle masher brought up. Make a script of sorts for what you’re going to talk about, that could be a big help.

Keep it up! :woot: