3s "Guts" "Defense" "Stun"

Whats everyones stun guage? Is there a point system involved with stun?

And whats everyones “defense”? How much extra/less damage do certian characters take?

And how does “guts” work. What percent do you have to be to recieve less damage. and how much less do you take?

guts and brain is what daigo does …

those look suspiciously like ggxx and cvs2 terms to me, but anyway.

Stun is first of all character dependant, and move dependant second. An s.strong from one character does less stun than from another (e.g., yun v hugo: hugo’s c.strong will undoubtedly do more stun). There’s no real point system to stun, but, so far as I know, several people refer to stun gauge filling in terms of percentages (i.e., "Dudley’s EX uppercut can do anywhere from 10% to 20% stun), which is probably easier to remember. Stun doesn’t really become an exact science unless you’re using someone like SA3 (maybe even SA1) necro, SA3 Ryu, SA2 Makoto or the like. At which point, what normals/specials are used where become increasingly important.

The good thing about stamina in 3s is that it’s pretty much obvious how it goes. Meaning, big characters like Hugo and Urien will tend to have more stamina (or “defense” as you called it) than medium (ken, ryu, elena, chun, mak) and small (the twins, ibuki). There are a few sort of weird exceptions, but nothing to far out there: Akuma takes damage like a small character, and ryu takes damage like a bigger character, and Q (if he’s taunted 3 times) takes damage as if he were Gill. As always, though, combos will do less damage as the match progresses and either character is at lower life than at start. Some combos that can do 52 units of damage early on, could quite possibly do only 40 units when the victim’s bar is lower than 50% life.

“Guts” in the game deal very much with the previous paragraph. A bigger character like Hugo will take less damage from a shinshoryuken than Ibuki. Numbers wise, I couldn’t provide that info since I’ve not seen a rating like that other than in ggxx (which is why i said this was suspiciously like ggxx terminology).

stun tiers

remy, akuma < everybody in between < ryu (taunted) < hugo, alex , dudley.

i did not notice that combos take less damage when characters have less life O_o lol learn something new every day.

damage stamina, like double rep said. you can pretty much look at a character and tell what category theyre in. i also didnt know ryu took damage like a big characer, it does make sense though hes pretty damn slow. akuma and ken have obvious speed advantages over him.


Oro has a long stun bar too.

o yah, him too : T too many characters with long stun bars heh

Not only that, Oro can undo some/all of the stun by simply holding down on the taunt command (fierce + rh). Also, if characters are crouching, they take more damage too. Don’t believe me? Do brave dance on a standing, and then on a crouching ibuki/akuma/remy, and watch that bar go from green to dark orange in no time, compared to the standing (though they take damage like dumbasses that way, too).

yah i heard about characters taking more damage ducking from valle the other day. asking him about ryu vs chun li strats he told me he would eat her super whenever she got a bar, making her use it by throwing hadokens so he could absorb the super standing, and then rush that bitch down . im learning more and more about this damn game :clap: :badboy: :encore:

Cool. I didn’t know what to call them so I used terms that I knew. I know IN CvS2 weaker characters have 60 stun vs medium that have 70 vs big characters that have 80. So I thought 3s work in a point system like that.
And “guts” start to apply when? when your at 25% vitality or at 30% or what? and what % less damage do you take (or does it differ among characters)
and the stamina thing to. is there a % less/more that each character takes based off of a base damage for each attack like GGXX or not.

Thanks though

Doesn’t Urien have 100% stamina? As in, he takes the same damage as Ryu? I always thought so…

Crouching chars take an extra 25% damage.

I dont understand ur point tho. Should Ryu throw hadokens to give Chun the chance to super thru it? It looks like a horrible strategy.

Besides, no matter if Ryu gets hit by the super crouching or standing: as soon as the super connects, Ryu gets up if he was crouching, so theres no damage bonus (well, only the first kick of the super hits crouching)

Im not sure of this last theory tho, even if i saw it being discussed in another thread. Cos, for example Akuma takes MUCH MORE damage if he gets hit crouching by a shinsho, rather than standing… and he stands up when he receives the first hit. I think also that whole combos do more damage depending if only the FIRST hit of the combo was on a char that was crouching rather than standing…

So if this is true, ur tactic would be a little tiny bit less horrible. But im not sure… can anybody clarify? Im too tired to check it out.

it was just a conversation i had with alex valle about how he used to be able to beat eddie lees chun li and other chun lis with ryu since that match up to me seems extremely difficult to me . he would rush down chun , right when she got meter hed try to let her used it on ryu, then hed continue rushing her down. dont know if it was bad or not, but it worked for him :clap: :encore: personally, i dont do that but maybe i should heh. ryu can do absolutely nothing when chun li has a meter, so its better to eat the super as safely as possible and immediately instead of letting her dictate the next couple rounds till you reach your slow death :lame: :clap:

Urien does have 100%. same as Ken and Ryu. Dudley is also at 100%.

Dudley, Alex, Oro, Q, Hugo and Gill have the longest stun gauges.

Akuma and Remy have the shortest.