3S Haters on CvS2


My older (middle) brother, every time I am playing CvS2 or I talk about it, he would jump all over it and say “This game is stupid! It’s fucking… this game does not make sense.”

If I beat him he would go “That’s bullshit! The logic in the (mechanics) game do not even make any sense.”

Then he would complain that “This game seems like it is all just hype, there is actually no depth, it’s not like 3rd Strike, where everything is beautiful and like true art. This game just seems like another SF4 or SFxT.”

He would complain that K-Groove is broken.

Also, he would say “Fuck this game.”

From my understanding, he is really salty about this game. He doesn’t even hate SF4 as much as he hates this game. He claims that SF3S is better because it “looks like true art,” and the “logic” in the game makes sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love 3rd Strike too, but I don’t fucking bash his game. It’s weird. CvS2 is heaps ahead of complexity compared to SF3. His main reason though is simply because CvS2 does not look like an “artistic game” therefore, his hate for it and along with the reasons stated above, verify his extreme hatred for it. Good 3rd Strike players have admitted to me that CvS2 is a really hard game to master. The execution, 6 grooves, RCing, matchups (roster), faster pace, etc…

So what do you guys think? Is CvS2 really true of the things he stated above? Does a game “looking more artistic” prove a valid point in the quality of a game?


No. This game HAS 3S game mechanics in it, should anyone choose to use them. Your older brother should be PLEASED. “Artistic value” is easily subjective. CVS2 is THE coolest fighting game to this day. I don’t quite understand why he would hate this game.
In fact, part of the reason this game is so popular in the first place is BECAUSE of these game mechanics. It is amazing, innovative, and the perfect way to implement a fighting game. Giving the player options for them win. And, the best part about it is that there are tons of likable and easily playable characters in this game! I’d play this game any day of the week! Hell, I’ll drop every other game for this if this were available online!


i like cvs2…


Your brother is fucking retarded.

His viewpoint makes no goddamn sense whatsoever. It’s like he’s never even played the game.

He doesn’t understand the games nearly as much as he thinks he does or else he wouldn’t be spouting such hypocritical BS.


^ most people that hate cvs2 don’t understand the game. all they see is bunch of CCs and RCs and thats it. instantly jump into “the game sux!!” conclusion. these people are REALLY bad at cvs2 too. you wont see any semi decent cvs2 players complaining.


Salty lol.
Typical butthurt reaction, just don’t mind the shit head for losing.
I like both 3rd Strike and CvS2.


I was under the impression that most 3S players played cvs2 also.

in my case Ive never really gotten the chance to play it, theres no cvs2 machine where I live anymore .


no they dont. they’d rather mirror match 3s ken 27 times in row…


One of 3s best and most dominant Ken players, used to play CvS2 hardcore:

Deshiken, of course


you say this like it’s not awesome


Why was this shit bumped?


ehh I don’t think highly of deshiken like all the other 3s players…

dude guesses like mad.

but nobody sees past the reckless rushdown and kara shoryus…

3S is probably still my favorite game, but…CvS2 is just better.


CvS is one of best fighters ever, 3S is good, but CvS is just better.


Ken tournament will be over before the Sagat vs Sagat bracket is even halfway done. :coffee:

OP brother not here is dumb. Nuki is sick in both games too if you don’t prefer Deshiken.


lol that is the only thing I hate about CvS2, it takes so long! I remember when we threw 3v3’s for CR at Denjin Arcade and the CvS2 3v3 lasted about 12 hours lolol

Otherwise its an awesome fuckin game :smokin:


Ken mirror match is quite possibly the most fun casual match in 3s.
Choon Ri mirrors still takes the cake for me.

I love Sagat vs Sagat…

I love Sagat vs anyone…

Also I like cvs2 Chun a lil bit more than 3s Chun.

a lot of it being much easier to rushdown with her.


CvS2 needs multiple setups.

CvS2’s wait time is only fun if it is 1 setup per 3 people.
Anything exceeding three… you gotta get another TV, PS2, and CvS2 setup going on

2 setups if it’s 4-6 people
3 setups if it’s 6-9 people

and etc… that’s how you can have a healthy rotation without making everyone wait so damn long…


3rd strike players don’t hate cvs2. Infact in my experience, it’s usually the other way around. Ive seen a lot of cvs2 players talk shit about 3s.

As a 3s player, I think cvs2 is a cool game and have a lot of respect for it.

It’s sad that there’s a divide in cvs2 in Japan because of roll-canceling. nuki and others at game-versus play cvs2 w/out roll cancels for fun. While it seems like the remainding dedicated/hardcore players of the game play at shibuya kaikan (which recently closed)


true that. i started out on 3s and got hard core into CVS2 also. but all my friends who started out on CVS2 hate 3s because parry is a major factor in game play.

Yup kaikan closed… i was there for the last two days and saw ScottPopular and Bull there too. That was the last place that I know of that was still very active in CVS2 and 3s… 4 cabinets each… all in one line…


I like Third Strike. Hugo is fucken SICKKK