3S: high damage combos

yeah, i already started making a power combo guide on my site >>> http://worstlookingsiteever.tripod.com >>> but i need some help. okay, first, i need the most powerful combos (corner and midscreen) involving the following character/super combination:

makoto/saII and saIII


yo geese… it will be even better if u put in some small video clips of those combo…

here’s sthg about Makoto’s SA2:
(makoto in the corner) command grab, s.Fierce xx SA2, dash forward, jap.srk xx high jump into Fierce… damage is good and it gives great stun…

(makoto int he corner) command grab. s.Fierce xx SA2, dash forward, SA2, forward jump, qcb+short, qcf+strong x2…

You should put a combo with Ken using double dragon punches in the corner… its my favorite. :smiley:

nice site im gonna try some of this stuff out=D

could you take out those fierces in your combos. It’s not practical to land jumping fierces.

those are the most poweful combos…take out the jumping attacks and u still have the most powerful without a jumpin. But parrying an anti-air then landing a jumpin is a good strategy sometimes. Anyway, its just more information about the character’s most powerful jumpin attack.

Btw, lolo, thx for the combos, but are those Makoto combos the most powerful she has? For each character, i have their most powerful ex/normal combo and their most powerful super combo.

That’s not a real combo. It’s a reset.

Not sure where you play but most players I know don’t land jumping fierce unless we are playing noobs. If you don’t believe me, go watch some japanese replays.

that is a real combo. there is not reset.

and about j. fierces, they are very possible. so u mean in ur area, nobody tries to do anti-airs ever? if then, yeah, i guess its impossible to get a jumping attack in.

My bad, I thought there was a move after the dash.

and no, we don’t do anti air’s often because they will just get parried. Some players do l.fierce with shotos and after opp parrys, cancel into super fireball. I’m not saying we don’t land jumping fierce, it’s just rare.

i dunno what u meant by l.fierce, but parrying a super fireball is easy to parry, in air or on ground.

watch valle and choi play ryu, you’ll know what I mean.

point me to some vids of them that work and i’ll watch

Try B4 tournament.

Where is it? I mean, URL

Ever heard of evol? Or B5? Well B4 is right before B5. go buy the tape.

at the end, FORWARD axe kick, land, 2 FIERCE hayates always work for me… but only after doing one abare.

edit: i don’t think i was clear there. basically, i’ve never tried double abare, but i see no reason why forward axe kick, 2 fierce hayates after double abare shouldn’t work.

I have to check out that combo on my DC and put it on my site. I think it is indeed the most powerful one she has (with a few damage tweaks). Not only that, but if it stuns a normal stun character (by finishing with a dash, jab SRK, c. rh or sjc. rh), then it could lead to even more damage than i expected. I will test it out soon.

It also works with the double Abare combo.