3S hot spots in Hong Kong?

Hey guys I’m about to go to HK this weekend and I’ll be there for about a month, I used to go to CyberCity but that closed down so if someone will be able to tell me which places are good to go to now with good comp, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Hey- I’m from CA too and I’m in HK right now. I’ve been told that the 3s tournies are held in Allied Plaza. You get off the Prince Edwards stop on the MTR and the exit is B. The arcade is in the first foor of the plaza, and they have one h2h there.

I totally forgot about this thread but yeah a late reply is better that none.

I’ve been going there too, comp has been pretty good. I play Red/White/Black Yun. I’m still there once in awhile, if not I’m @ Namco in Causeway Bay, they have two H2H’s there, VERY good comp on weekend nights.

Maybe I’ve seen you around, haha~

I’m going to be going to HK for the winter break myself. I thought I’d just reuse this thread to see if anyone had any updates on the 3S scene. Thanks in advance.

HK arcades are full of King Of Fighters. I was underage (15) but I still went into the arcades.

I remember there were 3 arcades DIRECTLY across from each other(like a triforce). I mean wtf?? How do you make a living if there are 2 other arcades nearby? (This was in New Territory.)

But no 3S scene?

There are but YOU HAVE to go to those famous underground arcades.

Sounds scary. : (

So I had some of my mom’s friends show me around Kowloon and we found two arcades. There’s on head to head at a place called Silvercord near Kowloon Park, and there two head to heads at some Namco arcade on the 6th floor of the Trade Center. I visited the Silvercord arcade early in the day, so I can’t comment on the scene. I went to the Namco arcade at around 4:30 - 5:00. There were people there playing 3S, but they weren’t so hot. I managed to beat this one Dudley player repeatedly with my crappy Hugo. I’m in mainland China at the moment, so I won’t get the chance to explore for another few days.

Also, as a side note, my friend said that I shouldn’t go to arcades late at night since people get rowdy. I supposed if you’re big and burly or have several friends, that shouldn’t be a problem, though.

Anyone know if the Prince Edwards arcade still has 3rd strike- I’m flying out to HK next week and plan to stop by. What other arcades still have 3s in HK?

A bit late, but there’s one head-to-head 3S setup at a nice arcade in Tsuen Wan.

Thanks, Bchan- I saw that the h2h at Allied Plaza, Prince Edward was still around. There seemed to be someone playing there every night, too.

Where in Tsuen Wan is the arcade located? Do a lot of people play there?

Man I really have to check the world forums more.

Tsuen Wan arcade is here:

Tsuen Wan Arcade

It’s inside the mall. Take an elevator to 3/4/5 floor. Can never remember which. :wink:

And here’s a pic: