3s Ibuki Gameflow?


Ok, so I like Ibuki. I used to like to play her to an extent and I really have come to appreciate her quickness and comboing ability. Thing is, I don’t really know how her basic game goes… Can someone help me out here? There are a lot of footsie buki’s out there and some that love to use relaunch combos… But is there a “Right way” to play her?
(What I mean by game flow for example is something like how Makoto likes to use karakusa, Ken is always looking for low mk opps, Chun builds meter and mixes up the opponent until she can super etc. I also know that you don’t exactly have to play flowchart style and can eventually play a char. in an original way.)


Basically the best way to use Ibuki is to learn to use her footsies first and them apply it to her gimmicks and rushdown. So basically like a rushdown mix up version of a shoto if that makes any sense. Use your footsies to move you in so you can use the gimmicks and apply pressure once you do so. Ibuki has great walk speed and great normals like s.MK, c.MK, s.LP and f+HK to play with during footsies. Mess with them all to see how they work. Learn how to cancel your s.MK into her command dash to create new mix ups and watch videos of Aruka or Blue basically.


rushdown mixup shoto= akuma or nica ko ken yo. just keepin ya posted, haha.


You can crossup j.MK
Standing opponent, Target Combo LP>MP 2hits >cr.RH > s.RH > Super Jump cancel mixup (Kunai, Empty Jump in, Parry, etc)
s.LP is quick and can be used to bait parries against an opponent comfortable on the defense (blocking a lot). This is a form of pressure and can be used to condition them to become familiar with blocking so you can go for tick throws and mixups.

Target combo s.LK, s.MK > Profit. You can go to a number of things based on hit confirm or block. On hit, you can EX dp+KK, qcb+KK, etc etc, After EX dp+KK on hit, you’re in a situation where you can fall with some Aerial Target combos. You can land into tick throws. Or Parry > Punish (If punish is applicable for situation/matchup).

On block, you can s.LK, s.MK, hcf+K > Tick Throw or… s.LK, s.MK, s.RH > Read… In some matchups, this is a frame trap. EX dp+KK (cuz regular dp+K doesn’t have invic frames) and can be super canceled into SAI for chip damage. Or just SC the dp+K. You can also go into other things like f+RH for style points, f+MK>cr.MK (link combo only on crouching opponent), UOH, Parry > Punish, etc etc.

On opponents with fireballs (Shotos), you can EX rdp+KK and punish fireball throwing. However, they can punish afterwards with DP, so you can Kunai xx Super or Parry afterwards > Punish

I perfer Super Arts 1 as her choice of move. Chip damage, super canceable from dp+K and EX dp+KK. Can be combo’d into, makes certain moves safer in certain matchups, situations.

Ibuki’s dash is a nice gimmick~ Can be used to ruin opponent’s inputs and charge motions when crossing up. Because you look busy, can also be used as a tick throw as well. Can also be used to get out of corners or escape jumping in opponents :china:

Ibuki’s Kunai may be a very weak projectile, but it may help strengthen her ability to space and/or approach, so it’s now without it’s uses when closing in. Some opponents may be too busy about defending against the Kunai (Parry/Block), which is your greatest opportunity to create momentum (when used offensively of course).

I take it you seen vids. One cool thing is the standing close roundhouse result > walk forward b+MP > b+FP > hcf+LK/MK (and may even add a dash crossup afterwards). You can also jab reset from close s.RH and dash crossup as well > mix up/tick throw.

Lot of mixups if you can bait parries and other things consistently~

Ibuki doesn’t have a whole lot of moves to space with, outside a few normals and her Kunai’s. Look for openings and opportunities.

Going to Finalround?? Me and you have to Money Match Ibuki dittos! =D I have a capture card so we can record matches :china: :woot:


wow. way to write me an article.:rock::rofl:
thnx btw.


I enjoy this sort of thing :china:


I suggest pressing buttons when you are close, and when they stop pressing buttons. That’s when you get close and start pressing buttons again, and then like if they try to retaliate with button presses. That’s when you do the final button press.


that is kinda lame, kinda funny, and kinda makes no sense.
button mashing only wins in mario party.