3s in Asuncion - Paraguay

First Tourney 3s Saturday 05/2005 (NATIONAL in PARAGUAY)

here are the results

  1. ShinVegeta…(Urien,Makoto,Yun,Alex,Ryu)
  2. Spawn…(Chun li)
    3.Don Barredoras…(Ken)
    4.Peter…(Urien, Q)
  3. fixxxer…(Ken)

and I’m win a NATIONAL!!! Thanks to SRK!!

you,ll suck anyway… :tdown: :tdown: …

muy bien

STFU. Im pretty sure you couldnt win a round of any game in Mexico, for instance. Why dont you go to Paraguay and show your amazing 3S skills then?

Paraguay reserved spot for SBO4 3s!!!

sidewinder,JohnnyEight …ok maybe you are the best of your country right??? and solo por decir ya estuve por DF mex y demasiados macht gane por alli y tb los perdi jajaaja pero nada he visto por esos lugares asi q a lo mejor no me encontre contigo!!! ok d todas formas thanks !!

JohnnyEight, thanks for the suport!!!

go on line so i can beat the crap out of you…so pedazo de bobo…

Man, do you play 3S online? Why don’t you change your nick to scrub-a-winder or something? If you ever decide to play eye to eye with someone, I can introduce you to several people willing to take your money…

and you’re welcome, Shinvegeta

online baby thats the real deal… idont need to see a dude eye to eye i’m not a FAGGOT… :tdown: :tdown: peace

did u at least record the tourney? otherwise there is nothing to prove you guys have good comp. we will have some small tourney in peru and ill be postin the vids soon.

thanks i wanna see them videos if you guys recorded the tourny… i’ll be waiting i wanna see how you guys play down there… :tup: :tup: …PEACE…

yes we record all the machts!! I’ll be postin the vids soon!!! form the begining to the final!!

Ey ShinVegeta…cuando vas a poner los videos? ya los tenes digitalizados, ah por cierto Jorge soy, y las fotos tenes tb?

I play that tourney too n’ i got the 5th place but i’m not “El Negro” so can you please put my nick there? jejeje

sorry for coming hard on you, sidewinder, but theres no reason to change the guy. Playing online is a different game, cause you react on the wrong frames, parrying a super online is pretty different from parrying at real time, even with a small lag. Plus I’ve heard that console versions lost several frames from the arcade making it even more different. Unless you dont plan to enter tourneys and shit, online won’t give you the best practice, IMO

Hi jorge!!yeah you’re the 5th sorry 4 that!!!

dude where are the vids??

sorry guys but lately I don’t have time, btw mi job,College and my wife, I don’t have time tu digitalizing the vids, but I’ll post it soon!!