3s in naomi?

Hello guys, I’m new in SRK forum and i’m from Brazil. I have a simple question, some of my friends swear that exist a 3s version in naomi arcadeboard. Is this true? that’s all and sorry for the broken english.

Your friends are stupid. :tup:

Isn’t Dreamcast hardware pretty close to Naomi? Maybe that’s what they meant.

The Dreamcast is a Naiomi only with less memory, it’s more than certain that’s what they where talking about. It’s the only thing they could be talking about.

In any event…3S was never made on a Naomi board. It’s a CPS3 game.

I’m sure his friends are just retarded.

como e q anda voce?? I’m from Paraguay and I go to brazil time to time!

and for you post, your friend only see the DC 3s!..=)