3S in orlando


I saw a NYC 3S thread here so here goes: I’m looking to start up weekly Orlando 3s Ranbats. I live in the Orlando area close to downtown. I’ve been playing 3S since 2003 and want to meet up with other good players in the area. I guess I’m a veteran… I don’t play too much anymore, but still enjoy the occasional crack session when I can. The ranbats would be at my place, probably on the weekend, but I’m flexible. I have 3S:OE on xbox and 1 TE stick so you’d need to bring your stick.

I live off Lee Rd. Post here if interested. I just want to get the discussion going and find more 3S players in Orlando.

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Isn’t Florida the hub of all the most fucked up news stories in America?


I would argue New Orleans. This place seems pretty tame. The biggest travesty is the lack of 3S players though -________-


Does anyone want to play Street Fighter 3: Third Strike in the Orlando or neighboring areas? Echo…


I probably live the closest, and I’m like 2 1/2 hours away with no way to get there. I thought I was gonna be able to try to make it this weekend, but then I wasn’t able to, and I have no idea when I’d be able to even try again. American 3S, yay.


Thanks for responding. If you ever decide to come then feel free to PM me. I’m willing to drive also…maybe not that far. OE is no bueno imo. The better the comp is, the more noticeable the lag is. That’s why I want to find more good players offline. I think OE is fun and mindless but you can’t play “super serious mode” because it’s too unpredictable.


Maybe you guys can meet up in Daytona and chill during Spring Break. And then watch the movie Spring Breakers together.


I actually wouldn’t mind meeting up in Daytona if that was half way. I don’t know anyone there who could host though. SMH.

Also, after reading CHUD’s review on spring breakers, I actually want to see it.

They describe it as more art house commentary on the current generation of spring breakers and say the movie is meantt o be more a parody and social critique, Akin to the Kafkaesque lens stare of reality that Darren Aronofsky’s early films portrayed; like Requiem for a Dream and Pi…na, it’s probably just bullshit. Still, it’s a pretty fascinating review of the movie.


That and it’s written and directed by Harmony Korine. The same guy behind Gummo, Kids, Julian Donkey Boy, and Trash Humpers.


i live in northen FL , but i think muralscrub live down there near your area try to contact him and i think dudesoolow lives down there also. :(|)


Thanks. That’s useful to know.


do u play 3soe. im in that area


yup. come over. let’s play.


^ do u have xbl? add me: TXG101


ok, I’ll add you tonight. My tag is in my sig.