3s irc

I’m surprised 3S has no IRC room considering much, much smaller communities have them. Would anyone actually log on if it were set up? It’d be useful for scheduling games, 3S talk, and general nonsense.

i would only if it were selective. i wouldnt want it to be like ggpo chat lets put it that way

I think by it’s nature it would be selective anyway wouldn’t it. The only people who will bother are people who care.

The only reason ggpo is overwhelmingly stupid is because there’s no mod to boot people. As long as someone or a few choice people have mod powers the rest sorts itself out.

#srk3s on EFNET I guess.

The reason why ggpo is so great is because it’s so overwhelmingly stupid.

4 Eyes said it best I think.

Ahah, I knew you were really stompcipher.

I am in the channel right now. :slight_smile:

Im all about this, we just need more people on board! :smiley:

Permission to put it in my sig?