3s is so eclectic that


we get stuck playing the same style with other characters and fail to realize just how deep the game can get. If only we had the archetypes in our culture to help us solidify more styles according to move sets and movement disparities.

also, oro winning 3s is da bess.

Fuck that other guys thread for repeating that bullshit line. Stop watching tournaments if you don’t want to see Chun, Yun, Ken. Memorize what they’re doing if you can and learn how to beat the chun yun kens that ORO beat.


Is there any footage from this year’s tougeki? I gotta’ see Genki’s Alex get in there.


Hismit topic - Kuroda Oro didn’t win 1 game… its a secret to everyone [details=Spoiler]He was ridiculous 2 days earlier @ Game Versus, double super Chinese spy secret[/details]

hismit topic - FRAPS recording the nico nico stream on a guys computer but what’re ya gonna do on short notice, late, and “beggars can be choosers”


Dander, ft10 me n you bro. Loser keeps his thread.


MM I got a billion dollars on Dander

this thread is a lot less likely to attract the unfortunate parts of SRK, the people who click anti 3s topics on reflex

it’s like when you see a thread “SFxT is hot garbage” you know I click on that shit every time


Billion Dander on dollars.

I think the “Excellent players played online” is still okay. Practice? What are they talking about?! Or it may come and go quickly from the “Last 5 recent topics” or not show up at all like Strategy Zone last posts, never includes SF3. Too old, man. Soo many MK seperate character forum…


I actually don’t hate SFxT… If t/o’s weren’t so prevalent and the stages weren’t so large (and gems… But that doesn’t really need emphasis)then it wouldn’t be so bad.


you guys are all cool. Everyone else, not so much.


This is very interesting. Could you try to come up with some examples of current cultural archetypes and corresponding 3s archetypes? Reach a little bit and imagine a few that might exist from other cultures maybe?




i don’t think he meant cultural archetypes as in between different cultures.
i think he meant US culture has a different variety of mentalities than you find in japan.

very few people here might appreciate a character like Q.
iirc flare said “the US plays ken”. and yeah that’s pretty much it. people look at the characters, pick ken, find success with him and that’s that. and really they all play similarly. because they just see what works and copy. there’s not much exploration.

so few people see playing anyone aside from dudley, yang, chun, ken, yun, makoto as anything but a grind.

how many times do you think ryu players in the US have heard “why don’t you just play ken?”


its kinda funny you mention this in a thread started by dander since he switched to ken. still, I encourage everyone who plays Alex to switch characters.


Well, tbh, it is a grind. But it’s a grind with a pretty nice feeling of accomplishment when you yield success.


its not a grind to play gouki, hes almost as good as chun.


it is humorous.
but he explained his reasoning to me.

Alex is pimp why you say that.


The other helpful bit going for 3S is that all the characters are actually pretty fun to play, that always helps mitigate the pain of grinding.


i can’t really agree with the grinding.
unless grinding is something that can be fun. to me grinding is mindless. i can’t say how many times i practiced things like TTH or remy’s aerial combo stuff (still do regularly) but it never feels like grinding. if you fail the combo and then just repeat what you did, you will fail again. you have to pay attention to everything which for me i guess is fun.

i sympathize with what dander posted. every character wasn’t made for everyone.

yo how good is seal. kiss from a rose. A+
also ac5 kind of sucks imho. runs poorly, feels more janky than ac4/fa. i am disappointed.


in my experience every players personality ends up being reflected in their choice of character + playstyle, whether they intend it or not. I can only say that of people I know, but it seems pretty consistent.


that’s always true. you can’t help being yourself and being you affects everything you do.

that’s actually one of the most fun parts of fighting games.
overall the US being comparatively young in 3S creates a skewed perspective (chun yun ken).
so people coming into that community/game are seeing it from that perspective and reacting (ken is fun and he’s strong i’ll stay with ken).


Yah, everyone basically quit ACV over at ACU too. It was a grand success in killing the old timers off completely. New games seem to be designed to do that. We also lost XLink Kai (GGPO-like program), so now the only way to PvP in the old games is to drive to someone’s house, tie your PS2 to theirs with duct tape, and beat them up in person. It’s ok though, we barely play AC anyway. Lots of fighting games, shooters, and Brood War.

Problem is almost no one wants to play ST or 3S with me there cuz they all got used to AE and I don’t want to play AE cuz it feels like the most turn-based SF game to ever exist. We’ve settled on agreements now where they can beat me up in SF4 if they play me in SF2/3 on equal time. Still, I get some benefit out of it since I can practice other chars in 3S this way on real people and not worry about getting crushed. Been learning Urien a bit lately, werd.

I’d also still call it grinding, even though you’re having fun. Grinding to me is just having to repeat something over and over again with the goal of getting better or stronger. Typically in MMOs or RPGs it’s to get stronger, but in other games it’s to get better. It’s better if you can enjoy it, cuz then it doesn’t cause you to suffer mental breakdowns and start sucking cheeseburgers so you can buy cock. I’ve seen it happen. Real talk.

For example, my lil bro loves to do master sword speedruns on SNES Zelda and there’s no doubt he enjoys it, but he’s still repetitively grinding away at the game trying to improve his time. I honestly don’t think grinding has to be boring, haha.

Also, I interpreted Pherai’s statement as, “Everyone wants to cosplay as their favorite character.” I can’t wait to see him dressed up as Akuma and Tebbo as Ryu.