3s is taking over

I thought I was in the 3s General Forum when I loaded up the main forum today. :wow: :wow: :wow:


Jesus Christ, you’re right. O_o

its a beautiful sight is it not?

A little better than “Lets talk about MVC3, a game that will never happen,for 40 pages…” or “who is more 1337? Magz or Storm??”

just kidding, i love all you marvel players!

Better than MvC2 talk, I’ll say.

“lets get it on now, select and make ya 1st pick”

Hells yeah third strike is taking OVA!!!

You ain’t neva lied!!!

I need to start playin’ this game!!!

the guide comes with the soundtrack…

a good SF soundtrack? BAH

Yeah…I can hardly wait untill this new game comes out…

LoL…finally everyone quit riding on the “3S sucks” bandwagon just cause a few top players decided long ago that parrying broke the game…

3S for everyone


i never had a real chance to play 3s with anyone, just on dc :frowning:

cant wait till january when the anniversary collection hits xbox live!

3s will get another chance from me, mostly because parries can be turned off in the options, so if i still consider them gamebreaking, I’ll just play without them.

I think parries add a little excitement to the game. Thats my opinion. But I do agree that when youre competing you don’t want suprises like that jwong upset.

parrying eliminates an outside game and makes it closer to a 3D game than other SF games

If the included soundtrack is the same as the import I bought a few years ago, then yes, it’s a GOOD soundtrack. A little repetitive, but still very good.

Boooo 3rd Strike. Long live Marvel.

Uh long live to both -_-

Corkscrew Blow!!!

Spinning Bird-a kick!