3s juggling

Pardon my noobish question about this, but I was practicing some of the more “basic” combo juggling with Urien and had the damndest time connecting more than 2 hits, even in the corner. My question (although not specifically pertaining to Urien), is how does one achieve these CRAZY juggling combos? Is it character specific? Does it require perfect timing mixed with link combos? I’m primarily confused on how to get things started since I can work the rest out by practice, but the first step is KILLING me.

Any advise on this subject would be tremendously helpful, even a character suggestion to get the basics of air juggling down (in the case that Urien is a more advanced juggler, which he seems to be). I’d really like to start getting this down, since every time I play 3s it makes me think “Why am I playing SSFIV?”

Thanks! (^o^)v


What juggles are you trying to do? Practice the air sphere to multiple tackles. There’s plenty of variations. Tackle tackle headbutt off of elbow is one of the harder ones because of timing. Might as well just do tackle, ex tackle, tackle off of elbow.