3s kaillera tourney results

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
16-man bracket

1 magneto maniac …alex and yun
2 knarxed …ken and yun
3 loc …urien
4 RushedDown…yang and chun
5 Hugo 101 …hugo
5 mind game…yun
7 mr duck sauce
7 ex2
9 rogue boy
9 wsop
9 adel
9 peaces
13 mlaw3k
13 neo
13 judas

Hmm, none of the people I’ve played so far were in this even though I got a warning saying this was on half an hour before while playing. I swear, sometimes I think I’m using a different Kaillera than everyone else.

this wasnt shiros tourney or anything like that it was just i was in daroms and was like damn lots of 3s games going on fuck it lets have a quick tourney
gonna do another one tomorow night as well single elim this time tho and 3/5 and excelent only

im trying to get someone to convert the 2 sets of the GF’s

some pretty nice stuff for online play. knarxed missed the whole win by a hair

I got peaced out by dios but he’s not even in the list. o_o

thats cause he gave his spot up to knarxed
dios said it was to laggy for him

yeah it’s was pretty bad when I played him. but damn, dude was HELLA good. I was sure he was gonna win it, oh well.

Edit: we should do this like every week btw, ranbat?

I see. What time tomorrow? I doubt I’ll get to play anyone from SRK unless I join this. At this point I haven’t played a single person I’ve actually heard of. Maybe because I use some obscure name.

How do you determine who wins if there are no spectators?

Most of time the time it’s not a problem in online tournies. People don’t lie about winning/lossing as much as you think they would.

I’ve played in a handful of kaillera tournaments and have never run into the problem of players lying about the outcome of the matches.

around 8 pm eastern time

Wow, I totally missed out on this; could’ve given me some needed experience.

Why did you post the results? This was one of the worst run tournies I’ve ever seen.

You really should set up an IRC chatroom for people who want to join in. This one was simply atrocious.

If you need help setting it up, let me know.

wtf… i ran this just fine
its not my fault people leave and dont come back
i waited a few minutes and when they didnt come back i dq them
so it has nothing to do with how i ran it

did u play in it?
if so who were u

o and shit is single elim from now on so i wont have nearly the problems with waiting for people

Might be a good idea; keeps the pace up. Will throw me out of the tournament first round though :smiley:

Still might be a good idea to set up an irc client. I hope to join in next time.

wth i wanna play 3s online, looks like im gonna have to do some research

match 1 has been uploaded, courtesy of morphus56k


not exactly high level play, then again its a lot harder to hit confirm/do meaties online. but its what kaillera has to offer soo far

Good matches.

I’ve never seen myself play before. Tons of habit’s I see I need to get rid of.

That guy doing dp+LP’s after a whiffed dp+HP is disturbing…covering up such stupid mistakes by using the lag.

Still pretty good for the first kaillera tournament.

Stupid mistake? I planned that shit. PERFECTLY.

Damn, someone else uses Yellow Alex?