3s - Makoto's Throw

Okay, I am wondering, and confused alittle here. I was playing as Makoto today, and against Sean. I did Makoto’s hcb+kick throw and Sean teched it. Now, can this be done with anybody in the game? Its the first I have seen it happen…


Yes anybody can tech that throw

I have heard of that happening Monkey, but it is rare. I know for sure Ryu can do it, and since Sean is a pallette swap I can see it.


Now that u say it… i remember one match in which someone teched Hugos 360+k or thats what it seemed. I couldnt believe that could happen.
To tech Makotos command throw u just press lk+lp? is the timing much stricter than teching normal throws? I dont think teching that throw is easy because Makotos mind game would be almost over.

I’ve been trying to master that shit. I’ve done it to Hugo’s 360 kick,Makoto’s grab,and Alex’s power bomb.(not hyper bomb) So I know it possible.

I hate ryu for that, as a side note WILL STATE COLLEGE PEOPLE PLEASE GET OFF MY MAKOTO AND GET YOUR OWN CHARACTERS. Thank you have a nice day.

With that said, I might as well jump on the bandwagon and start playing her too.:stuck_out_tongue:

blood, how do you tech. the throw? same as normal?

:wtf: makoto’s throw can be teched:eek:

No, you have to do the command for the special throw you want to tech instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the same command as a normal throw but the timing is tighter.

My Makoto’s kara’s been tech’d by Alex before.

Tech hitting’s pretty wild in this game!..Fuck it throw’em again! Remember, when all else fails-throw that nigga!:evil:

You can tech Ibuki’s taunt.

i heard (read the word twice) that u can tech hugo gigas by doing 360+lp+kp the i am not sure at all of my source so i am kinda asking if it’s true…

okay, i am an idiot. i understand that command throws can be teched. now, how do you do it? is it lp+lk or do you do the command throw motion?

LP + LK (at least for the Karakusa).

And can u, with Ryu, tech Makotos command throw consistenly? Or just happens by accident few times?

On a wake up, Makoto tries to command grab Ryu as he gets up. If Ryu presses lk+lp just when he gets up, and Makoto is in Ryus throw range, what is likely to happen?

okay, and so, only Ryu can tech. throws or can everyone tech. the throw? i use Alex a bit and have had my power bomb teched on occassion but didn’t think much of it at the time. so, can everyone tech. command grabs?

Any character can tech Makoto’s throw.
You can also tech the power bomb , I’m pretty sure you can’t tech Hugo’s moonsault.
You also can’t tech Akuma’s demon flip grab or instant hell murder.
You can “parry” Ibuki’s taunt.
The super grabs can’t be teched, unless someone pulls out a manual and flames me.

Normal throws in this game have fuck all start up frames less than these command ones, been throwen out of lots of shit.
I’d have to know the frames to tell you for absolute certain , personally I think any ones normal throw will easily tech Makoto’s choke or even throw Makoto on wake up.

Everyone in your area uses Makoto?!?! fuck it! I’m alot better with Twelve and Sean, can’t get to grips with that bitch.

so, you are telling me that any character can tech. a sitting short x powerbomb tick against Alex? and plus all other tech. throws. don’t command grabs come out faster than the regular throw? is there a difference in the execution speed of a neutral throw and a forward or back + throw? are there any differences as far as frame rate and priority are concerned with neutral and forward or back throws?