3S Mame++117, ++119, or NFBA?

Just wanted to know what emulator the majority uses playing 3S online. If you do use all 3 then choose the one you use most.

This should definately help for future references on online tourneys (hopefully)

:wonder: nFBA… dood!

nfba! doesnt slowdown if on anything 8)

if you choose anything but nfba you’re retarded.


mame 117 for random variety on gw… and the newest nfba for p2p training<>

3rd Strike w/ nFBA

i just got nfba but I hear its still buggy. My sound gets all echoey from time to time.


you hurt my feelings…i like 119 too but in all seriousness ill say 117 for now but ill say NFBA as soon as they fix the little problems with sound…i think there still more things to fix am i right or nah? nfba is excellent for p2p too…

i have all 3 in my arsenal :-p :tup:

yeah, aside from the sound getting gargled up sometimes on nfba, i haven’t had any other problems with it other than it being amazing.

nfba is everything mame ever wanted to be.

NBA with an f

nfba is the logical choice. it just runs so much better. theres lag compensation code to make it play better online, less input lag(no lag actually, pretty fucking important, online and offline) and it takes up less resources.

taking up less resources is huge. reason being, not everyone has a great, or even good, computer to run cps3 full speed at a rock solid 60fps with mame. yet their comp will more than likely be good enough to be perfect with nfba. making nfba the defacto standard in all these online tourneys/ranbats/circle jerks/etc…, will eliminate alienation of other users that cant afford newer computers.

yeah nfba stable release has an issue with aspect ratio (which can still be manipulated to do proper aspect), and if thats the deciding factor…then i dont know what to say, except maybe stop being lazy and think about others that cant use mame. if thats such a big problem, then everyone just use the recent test build that fixes aspect ratios, plus eliminating the 1 frame cps2 lag.

i dont even know why people are even segregated on 117 and 119 lol. neither seemed to run better or worse on inputs.

in my experience with nfba, something i have trouble with are fast multiple or simultaneous button inputs. i’m pretty good at kara demons, but i literally haven’t done a single one in nfba. drummed links and ex moves also seem to get fudged sometimes as well. all of that might just be a coincidence due to inconsistent execution, i’m not sure.

aside from that i like it more than mame.

no contest here

Obligatory “DOMINATION!” sound queue.

Now lets all point at the 4 MAME users and
…refer them to the nfba-related threads.

finally used nFBA, it is great

Lol !!! I had to relearn my 360 timing because I wasn’t used to no delay!!!

I use nfba and 0.117, but I believe 0.117 is the standard that everyone uses.

nfba definitely has less lag when playing online.

But in my case, I’m really getting annoyed by the stretched out screen and the sound getting all staticky. I don’t have these problems in Mame…

just go into monitor settings and choose 16:10 and it looks just like mame. about the sound, for me ive only had it happen to me once.