3s MAME Training Mode and Show Button Inputs - Tutorial

ok dood, you type a whole LOT of bullshit here, yeah i’m not siding with the Super guy but he has a point with input commands and training mode. U think all u need to practice is links combos and cancels when learning this game? Get real or u are not helping.

What would be nice is a training mode like the ps2 3s parry training mode WITH input commands and with the dummy recording how it is…
This way you can test out what your input commands look like when u try out option selects and other defenses…

Inputs display with FBA:
1- Download FBA-RR : fbarr - Project Hosting on Google Code
2- Download http://fbarr.googlecode.com/files/ScrollingInputDisplay-v006.zip
3- Unzip above file
4- Launch FBA-RR with 3S, then Game/Lua scripting/, then browse to get scrolling-input-display.lua
5- Run

If you had read what I said I said those things would be great and I’d like to see that in 3SOE and we most likely will I think. That doesn’t change the fact that you CANNOT do that RIGHT NOW. So why even belabor the point, it’s moot. Input displays are nice but they’re not some secret to getting better. There’s nothing more to it.


Thanks for the little tutorial on inputs in FBA. Appreciated.

Every little bit counts though. I appreciate the fact that you learned the game without them, but for a person coming from sf4 where there is a lot of input leniency, i need to know where I’m going wrong on certain sequences. It’s just a small part of the larger picture. I think you need to see that.

Over on the capcom unity forums there are a ton of 3s players who raise their hand for this feature as well in the feature request thread. So its not just a spoiled sf4 brat that is requesting it. Understood they are not in the game now, but as the thread title suggested, there is a way so why not get the better tool?

Turns out its pretty shitty, but ok ESN posted something that looks like a winner. To test tonight.

Nah dude I didn’t mean you were a spoiled brat. Why wouldn’t we all want such a feature? There’s no reason not to right? That’s not what I meant. What I meant was if you can’t have that right now, focus on what you can work on. That makes sense right? I have no skillz or anything I just learned stuff when there was no option, so did a lot of people. I guess that was harder? I don’t think it’s any more difficult really. From my perspective inputs seem mostly superfluous compared to the more important elements/concepts of 3S, so pardon my attitude about that specifically.

^^ THIS!!! + FBA cheats


Hard to believe there was actually a time when there wasn’t even console releases at all.

Those were the days.