3S Matches You'd Like to SEE!

I would love to see:

Ricky Ortiz v. Umehara Daigo
Sextaro v. KO
Pyrolee v. KO
Victoly v. Kokujin
Frankie3s v. Kuroda
Kuroda v. any USA players
Hayao v. KSK
Hayao v. Daigo

zangoef vs nuki
aruka vs ab7
yamazaki vs ysb
frankie3s vs daigo
boss (using yang) vs pyrolee
fujiwara vs kokujin

Ortiz VS Daigo happened already I think.
I just wanna see Aruka, Kuroda and Hayao beast in the states.


Hayao’s Law vs. Empire… in SVC Chaos!

how victoly, frankie3s, pyro, justin, and hsien the best team usa we could have, on arcade version versus any jap’s

that team would at least have a dif. character for every member

i would like to see victoly and frankie fight alot, they don’t have to many match vids out except for the ffa and a few denjin.

also any rx is a good day…

last but not least more match akuma…best akuma in the world

Know what I’d really like to see?

The Canada vs. Empire 5on5.

Good tread. Frankie’s uses that cheap denjin super, so I think i might be able to take Kuroda. It worked pretty well when he beat RX.

I would like to see.

Hayao vs YSB
Kuroda vs 880 (the crazy hugo on cv’s hall fame)
RX vs. Kuroda

J vs. Umehara

Would be a really interesting match, IMO. Pretty much one of Makoto’s hardest matches. Last video I saw J play Ken was against Spellmaster J, and that didn’t turn out too well:sad:

RX vs. me

Umehara vs. the other Umehara

RX vs Senaka or pierre

any of those 3 vs team whales

Umehara vs. the other Umehara


rx plays senaka and pierre in a couple of ranking battles

sugiyama (necro) vs RX (urien)
J (makoto) vs KO (yun)

i have a sugiyama vs rx match from gamenewton

J and KO have played against each other in a few tourneys. Of the two I have, J takes both.

Mopreme (Ryu) vs. Frankie3s (Ryu)
Franki3s vs. Daigo
Ino vs. Anyone

Zangoef vs. KSK

Me v KSK
Me v Match
Me v Nuki
Me v Kokujin
Me v Hayao
Me v Aruka
Me v Daigo
Me v J
Me v Pino
Me v Inoue
Me v Kuroda
Me v Take
Me v Yamazaki
Me v RX
Me v Goemon
Me v KO

(Already played Frankie3S, and nobody likes Sean)

lol, i wouldn’t want to watch me against J. getting double perfect and stunned is not a good match. i’d like to play against Kokujin or Tanatos tho, i think i could do a decent match.