3S Money Match Thread

Since there is none. MMs?



i would love to bet some people on 3s. so many of you bastards talk so much shit but never step up and just watch videos thinking your hot shit. bring it bitches, you know who you are. and to the guy who made that flash video of me getting mopped by japan as a diss, i actually got a kick out of it. good stuff, that shit was actually hella funny. i played bad yes, but could you have played any better, no… anyways, back to you shit talkers who suck and get mopped up year after year. talk less or bet it!! 2/3, 3/5, whatever you want. if you dont got money to bet you can offer to do self degrading shit like push ups or a punch in the chest. its on you. bet it up!


I don’t talk shit, but I’d like to play you. 2/3 for 10z sound cool? Unless shit talk is a requisite, then “I hate you” :smiley:

I’ve got 10 on you. Ibuki vs. Oro is always a fun matchup. Best 3/5 matches.

This should be fun…

Anybody in?

10 bucks 3/5…payback for the rape you gave me at VTYME. :lol:

pirate king, 2/3 10$, hit me up at evo. thanks for the match


anyone else?

practice up kid :wgrin:

VegAS BABY!! Shit this is like dream shit here betting on yourself in street fighter in Vegas, against top tiers, anways i’m down for money matches with Watts and Calipower, 10 bucks each 2/3, hopefully you guys don’t use yun.

man it’d be so nice if someone compiled all these money matches into one thread for all the games

2/3 for $10, Calipower

so far pirate king and sck 2/3 10 bucks each. anyone else? if anyone wants to play teams for fun, me/valle will take bets too.

apok - 2/3 $10?
deviljin - sure, i always wondered how you played
king low tier, 2/3 $10 also?
papa watts - gs for layin down the law


DevilJin 3/5 for $10
Apokalipze 2/3 for $10 (you’re from SoCal? Do I know you? Just curious)

2/3 10

edit its smoothcat

valle: rematch, race to 5, $100. :slight_smile:

jal: ecc rematch, 2 out of 3, $20

watson: fun ken mirror, 2 out of 3, $20



exo- you must do well at party poker to dish out 120 bucks like nothing…gl vs watts LOL

JackBnimble- 2/3 10

DevilJin- 3/5 10

Apoklipze- 2/3 10

pirate king 2/3 10$ (and yes, i hate you too :slight_smile: )
sck 2/3 10$
exodus 2/3 ken vs ken $20 (and #wafflestomped props!!!)

any more?