3s money matches: Amir/gootecks vs. You/Whoever

Hey guys,
So me and Amir are going to be teaming up to do 2v2 money matches. Minimum bet is gonna be 10 bucks. We will both be there starting Friday afternoon and will be there all weekend. We can do 2 out of 3 matches or just single game, whatever you want to do.

As a side note, if anybody wants to just play Amir for fun, you can do so for $5 per game so if you ever wanted to get in a couple of games with the country’s best 3s player, now’s your chance! The man’s gonna be busy all weekend, so book early!


I’ll play you guys if I can get Nuki to be on my team.

okie dokie

Play Necro!!! :rofl:

Actually, I might be able to get a real team. Pokemon style 2v2 for $10? It’ll be just like the old days, Ryan.

hey ryan how bout we play for drinks aite!!!

me and ray ramos vs you two

but i get to choose your character.