3s: My Style is Unblockable [Redux]

I love unblockables. Dont you? The ability to lay into your opponent and KNOW that monkey is going to have to eat the damage like an overripe banana of Doom makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. SO! Ive dedicated a large portion of my excessive Third Strike studying these past few days to coming up with as many unblockables as humanly possible. If you know of any that I havent posted, please feel free to enlighten the rest of us! The 3s community loves you for it. Lets get started!

Urien (King of Unblockable!):

  1. (Anywhere outside of corner) low fierce, EX Headbutt, low fierce, strong Reflector, roundhouse knee-drop, [toward+mk as preferred guard break]

  2. (opponent near corner) [any 4-hit tackle/juggle series], mk tackle xx jab Reflector, back dash, roundhouse tackle (whiff), roundhouse knee-drop [guard breaks]

  3. (outside of corner) low fierce, EX Headbutt, low fierce (1-hit) xx strong Reflector, dash forward, (jump away from opponent) jumping roundhouse [breaks the guard], low mk, low mk, standing strong, st. strong, st. jab, st. jab, low fierce

  4. Completely Useless Thongbwai Secret Guard-Break

(With your back as close to YOUR corner as possible) low fierce, standing strong, EX Fireball xx Tyrant Slaughter, low fierce [the fierce guard breaks as the EX Fireball slaps them in the back of the head. This is the best way to waste meter with Urien I know of, except for mirror corner combos. Whoot.


  1. [strong/chicken juggle]x2, standing strong (2-hits) EX Fireball, crossup jumping mk

  2. Standing strong (2-hits), fierce fireball xx Fierce SA2, EX Chickenman to cross over the corpse, [I use standing mk to break the guard against the floating SA2, then standing strong to continue the pattern.]

Ibuki: Lets get COMPLICATED!

Ok, this is the way I do it, and its a bit of a pain in the ass until you get used to it. But after you figure out your distances, you should be able to do it 95% of the time, and thats pretty darn good.

Get just inside shoto-sweep distance on your opponent. Super jump toward them, and toss a jab dagger as soon as you hit the crossover point, directly above the opponents head. This is the spot right before your directions reverse and youd have to parry backwards. A quarter-second after you toss the dagger, Ibuki will move forward and cross the crossup axis, thus reversing her directions. So swing the stick a quarter circle backward, back toward the opponent, and hit jab again. Magically, Ibuki will auto-correct her direction and begin raining sexy teenage ninja death upon your opponent. Unlucky for your opponent original dagger is still floating lazily toward their neck, and when it hits, the guard WILL break! Yay! How does this work? Glad you asked!

When you do the first quarter-circle, youre still on your side. But Ibuki keeps moving a little bit. So during that split-second hesitation, she passes through the crossup axis and the backward quarter-circle you put in then counts as a double-fireball motion. Which, in laymans terms, means SUPAH! And since the first dagger was thrown from the opposite side, but slowly, and the super comes fast and furious, they will strike simultaneously and break that guard down like a whiny jail bitch on his first week.


The Yang breaks are hazy, but I am 90% sure they work completely. Well, the second one does. I saw the first one about a month ago in a clip, and my machine is dead right now so I cant review it. Feel free to correct either of these, Im just trying to keep people informed, joo know?

  1. (corner the opponent) strong, fierce, back-fierce xx SA3, [opponent wakes] standing strong xx short teleport, low jab x N [The image trails from the standing strong should pop with the low jab, thus Breakin that ish down)

  2. (anywhere) Floor opponent, activate SA3. Roundhouse dive-kick across opponent, standing strong [to guardbreak], low roundhouse. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I am on a crusade to find as many unblockables as possible in Third Strike. I am CONVINCED I can do something with Twelve and SA1 or SA2 (the secret is the crossup underground EX Tentacles!) If anyone else has more to add, step up, yo. We WILL defeat the Japanese next year! (Not that you boys dont rock, word em up to my Nihon Peeps!)

N Guard Break: It aint just for Marvel Chumps anymore.

thanks man…for a moment, i thought it was an imaginary thread…cuz they took it out…i was like, wtf…where DID it go??? there’s loads of good stuffs on there!!

anywayzzz, thanks a lot man…

Haha, yeah, they reset the forum last night at… well about right now, it seems like. I remember refreshing to see about the thread and it was reset to “Last Post - Urien Tactics by Rockefeller at 4:06”. Odd stuff.

Yes, these all work. Dreamcast “fixed” the state which causes guard breaks, your character trying to block both ways at the same time. But I assure you, go to the arcade, bust at will. It’ll impress and infuriate your friends. Especially the completely useless meter hog Tyrant Slaughter one.

If I ever find my magical Twelve unblockable (I KNOW I can!!!) you’ll be the first to know. Ja ne yo.


Hey are u suppose to cancel the standing strong into the ex fireball? cuz i tried this set up and the TS hits 3 times (including the last hit that knocks the guy down) and the ex fireball passes through the knocked down opponent…
I tested on Ryu btw.

You’re probably doing it right, the timing is just a bit sticky. You want to cancel the EX Fireball as quickly as humanly possible into the Tyrant Slaughter. If you can get it to not even leave your hand before the TS starts, even better. You need as much headstart as possible.

Your timing on the juggle sounds about right, you may want to hesitate a moment after hitting strong, though. The most important part is to cancel the fireball quickly.


Yang does not have any unblockable setups with his Seiei Enbu super. Whenever Yang is in this mode, you must always block towards wherever Yang currently is, the shadow hits will automatically be blocked. This is sort of like the idea of blocking towards the point character in Marvel.

What this super is good for is mixing up high and low at the same time which can give the appearance of unblockability. The set up that is most commonly used is cross up dive kick, low strong, low roundhouse. The low strong hits while the shadow’s dive kick does. They must block the true Yang’s dive kick, then switch to blocking low when he goes low. The shadow’s will automatically be blocked. Pretty much everyone gets hit by this, but it is blockable.

I do not believe the Ibuki dagger, cross over super is unblockable either, but I will test it out when I get a chance to make sure. What happens with this and other similar cases is you are hitting from two different points. The game recognizes this and while you hold blocking in one direction, when the other hit impacts, it will switch the characters animation around for a split second, then switch back, all while blocking everything for you. The Urien and Oro unblockables work by overlapping hit boxes on the character while coming from two different directions.

mopreme, I am very sure I’ve seen the Ibuki one done before, and I am pretty sure it’s unblockable. But if I am wrong feel free to correct me.

I’ve never personally done the Yang combos in an arcade. I’ve seen them done in vids, and they looked pretty solid to me. They follow guard-break theory, so I posted them. I’ll add a section called “Superior Mixup” or something for those (I wanted to post my new Raging Demon traps anyhoo.)

However, I can completely stand behind the Ibuki one. It works, and it works WELL. As soon as the other dagger hits the back of their neck, the guard breaks clean open. I won’t say I’m the first one with it, but I did Columbus that one. There may have been people there already, but I don’t see anyone else talking about it.

And yes, Muthasuckin’ Adverse is completely responsible for Urien #3. If you use it, send him a nickel. Or just send it to me, and when I get enough of them I’ll put them in a sock and mollywhop him with it.

N - The Twelve Unblockable WILL be found!

I’ve been hit by the Ibuki one many times before, I don’t know if it’s technically unblockable but it seems very tricky to avoid. I remember M’Barreck and PierreP doing it here a lot last June, I suppose the Japanese were using it a long time ago. Actually, wasn’t Arlieth talking about it on SRK a couple of weeks ago? Or was it another Ibuki unblockable?

His was the same concept with a different setup, using the flip-over instead of a super-jump. I prefer this method, because it is less obvious and much less vulnerable, although it is harder to do.


Here’s a good unblockable. Hit the opponent and while he’s down do a super to him. I’m pretty sure that’s unblockable but just to be sure, someone should test this.

Ive seen that Ibuki sa1 crossup thing too Im not sure if its completly unblockable but I think you’d have to be hella fast to react to block it.

Last time I saw the Ibuki one done it was blocked; so would thing you’d have to do it fast if it truely is unblockable.

Gentlemen, if you’re going to scoff, you should at least have the decency to DO the techniques first.

If you watch the opponent during the Ibuki guard-break, they can block the first few hits of the super. However, as soon as the original jab dagger strikes them, their guard crumbles. Is this not the exact definition of a Third Strike Unblockable?

Yes, you have to be “hella fast” and know your distances WELL to do it.

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Thongboy: I’m already sleeping with Geese’s mom. But two of us are think recruiting more ppl. like, her own son. oh well, we’ll see about that…

Geese: here’s an unblockable…if i kick you in the nuts…would it hurts? cuz, i kinda think it’s unblockable…since you dont’ have any in the first place…either way, remind me to test it out…oh, btw, your post? fucker you’re dumb…

HAHAHAHAHAH oh gosh I needed that.

What would Urien players actually BE if Aegis unblockables didn’t exist? Mnnnn…nothing?

I dunno, didn’t you play Urien at T3? What does that make you?

What would this thread be if Original Geese didn’t post? Mnnnn…a much better thread?

I hardly use Urien anymore. I didn’t say I don’t do unblockables. It’s just sad that there is a whole thread dedicated to it.