3S: Necro



Alright… well I’ve decided to learn Necro… because the Dudley thing didn’t work out… and cause everyone and their mama is starting to use him… so… I need some help with this bad boy.

  1. What are his BnB combos? I heard you can link up two of your spin moves together…

  2. What is his best SA?

  3. What are his EX moves best for punishing? and what moves are safe?

  4. any basic strategies…

Thanks in advance.

  1. back + short --> strong
    or fierce hook punch --> back + mid-kick --> ex hook
    or standing strong -->SAIII

2.SAIII. Stun damage monster. Hook punch combos also have high stun damage.

  1. qcb+pp (That jumping eyepoke thing) It is heat seeking.

  2. If you jump, make sure that you do a drill kick. Use your drill kicks to make your airtime random to discourage parries.

Don’t be afraid to use your electricity as an anti air. You can use it as a trap.
Here is how the setup works. Use the jab shock as an antiair. Get your opponent used to this. Once they are used to this, they won’t be afraid to jump in and parry. If they parry (ever) start mashing like crazy. The electric shock will go on until either your opponent blocks (and takes chip damage), misses a parry, or you stop mashing.

If the electricity connects, make sure to mash. It will tack on extra hits.


Thanks alot. That really helped.

I’d like to note that Necro rocks man. He’s so underrated and the times I’ve played him against opponents, they were unsuspecting of his abilities… and I was able to mix it up with his overhead EX special move… I also like to combo b+MK into his MP Hook then into his SAIII… mad stun damage.

His jab Hook punch is really good for pressuring the opponent… and can combo off of short.

All in all… I’d like to know if any of you had any tricks with him? Or any uses for his command grab move… where he tosses them over head.


i use saI because the damn chip on it and the damage, most say snake is the best cause u can link 2 of them and all


for his command throw you could get it to combo by doing back+strong, jab throw… or mix it up if people try to see it coming do one of his overhead moves cause if they think you are going to do the command throw after the back strong they’ll block down and the overhead may hit them…

also, with SAI, you can do force parry’s in the corner… it may not do the best damage but it does some pretty good damage none the less… i think SAIII is the best overall but just start playing around with him and you’ll find which super best suits you…


How do you link two of them?

N - necro scrub


Jab hook punch>juggle jab electricityxxSAIII>juggle jab electricityxxSAIII…blah blah.


^^yeah just like that a neat trick i do wit h storm though that works a good bit is if u know they want to parry the super and u trying to anti air, sometimes its better to stop after like 5 hits, dont mash and just command grab.


what are all the situations where you can do resets with him. the ones i know of are, in the corner after a throw, DB+HP or MP. in the corner, after LP tornado punch, DB+HP, LP. after a LP tornado punch in the corner, B+MP, LP tornado punch which brings you back right infront of them. and that’s pretty much all i know. are there any other ones? oh and some decent Electric Stake follow-ups would be helpful too. the one i use now is LP electricity, DB+HP.


That doesn’t work.

Btw, after his neutral/forward throw in the corner, you can do Magnetic Storm.

His Super throw (SAII) has the highest throw priority in the game, beating Gigas Breaker if done at same time.

His back fierce anti-air, juggle with down/back fierce is good damage and good stun.

His EX QCB+ Punch is heat seeking only up to a certain distance. It’s not hs’ing from far away like Alex’s Headstomp or Urien’s Knee Dive.

After SuperIII in corner, you can reset them with s. jab or do jab electricity, then reset them with s. jab, then you can dash in, kara throw into the corner, and do another reset, dash forward again, they will tech hit fearing a throw, and you can do back + forward xx Jab Hook, reset the THIRD TIME with s. jab, and by this time they will be desperate, so just dash in and block, and let them mess up…worst thing that can happen is that you get thrown or something.


Do this in the corner:

B+Strong (or Forward) -> Strong Hook Punch xx Electric Snake, Jab Electricity (cancel on 1st hit) -> Electric Snake -> …

I’ve never tried Jab Hook -> Electricity in the corner, myself. But you can do Snake -> Electricity -> Snake quite consistently because the trailing part of the Snake will juggle them back into the air.

Here’s the skillsmith data:


Okay, fuck me, this might take a while to translate:

Starting from the BOTTOM! And skipping a few along the way (the brain dead obvious ones)

B+Roundhouse -> Electric Snake -> Jab Electricity -> Electric Snake -> DB + Fierce

Fierce Tornado Hook -> B+Forward -> Strong Tornado Hook -> Electric Snake -> Jab Electricity -> Electric Snake -> Jab Electricity -> DB + Fierce

… Actually, I’m beginning to notice a trend here.

Now, from personal experience in trying these combos, I can say that after the 2nd Electric Snake, getting that Jab Electricity is the hardest part.

As far as I know, it would be very, very difficult, if possible at all, to connect a Jab electricity after a Jab Hook. But I never tried it myself, so i may be wrong.


I never knew u could do 2 electric snakes in one combo…cool. Is the 2nd super worth it? Does it do good damage and stun?


Definitely not worth it in combos unless you know for sure you need that extra little bit, but it only adds, at most, 1/6th of their stun gauge for that second super. (Remember that Akuma has an uber-short stun gauge, so it’d be more like 1/5th of his meter.) Personally, i’d rather just do one Electric Snake, and then if I’m in the corner, do a finisher (Jab Electricity, DB+Fierce), because I’d like to save that extra Snake meter for EX attacks.

Now, if you did the Electric Snake BY ITSELF against someone in the corner (or maybe off a B+Roundhouse), then you might as well do that Jab Electricity -> Electric Snake for some more stun. It might raise the stun by as much as 1/4th of the meter (1/3rd on Akuma) because it wasn’t followed by @&#^(&@#%^(*@& hits.


All these juggles are very character specific. Actually, Ive been playing around lately trying to figure out all of necros character specific properties, and they seem pretty extensive. For example, against makoto and dudley (and probably more, I havent tested everyone yet) you can easily do a mp electricity for two hits after a jab hook in the corner.
Against some characters, you can juggle with e. snake anywhere on screen after a jab hook (not cancelled!). Like yun, and alex.
one pretty crucial thing is that necro’s back+short, mp chain will only work on some ducking characters and not others (sometimes the mp whiffs). it works on ken though, so that takes care of half of my competition. but it doesnt work on chun li, so I need something else for the other half :lol:


Hmm. Interesting.

Geese, when you said “that doesn’t work” without saying “I think”, did you even bother testing it out for yourself?


I know, it’s a bad habit…calli it igorance/arrogance. Anyway, I DID test the 2 super thing, and the 2nd super only gives 1 friggin hit…wow…what a waste. Anyway, I did test out my stuff that I posted and i find that pretty useful…here it is again:

In corner: c. short/b+forward xx jab Hook, reset s. jab (or jab Electricity, then s. jab on certain characters), then dash forward in or jab Hook to get in, neutral throw or forward throw, Magnetic Storm or down/back fierce.

You can do many variations of this corner “trap”. A lot of it is guessing. If you think they will try to SRK, then parry or block. If you know they don’t take risks, then do may 2-3 cycles of back+forward xx Jab Hook, then throw, Magnetic Storm. Mix it up with the s. jab resets, parries, and jab hook cycles, and you’ve got one deadly ass Necro that can keep you in the corner as well as Guile.