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as requested, the last released Japanese match up chart can be found below:


Street Fighter 3 rd Strike for a Novice - Help
Third Strike Art/Infographics

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Since no one is posting anything, here’s some videos new players should watch:

Basics of 3S (2nd half to be made).

Some combo links for every character.

Ground crossup tutorial.

Guide to meaty hits.

Parry exhibition (red parry too).


play chun li.


I have taught a few people 3rd Strike and this is the training regime I get them to use.

Some people master phase one in 2 weeks, others longer. BTW this is for use on a single character.

PHASE I Beginner:

Experiment with all the characters (take as long as you need, weeks, months, etc…) then pick a character you will enjoying playing with for a long long time.

  1. When you pick you character learn all his/her normal moves. And pay close attention to your distancing. Be able to use your dashes in an ok manner.

  2. When you have your normals down, learn your character’s command attacks. Try to perform a hit with them 25% of the time you pull it off. Yeah its low but hey your a beginner.

  3. Super time! Learn what all 3 of your supers do. Then learn to pull them off when you want them to go off. (The number of times I have seen people lose because the kept trying and failed to perform a super is crazy)

  4. Parring- This should be learned as you play. Hit forward and risk getting punched in the face, jsut got to get your timing right.

5-Your a beginner you will loose 90% of the time against someone who is not. Do not give up because of it. Every match is an opportunity to learn, and every match is practice.

PHASE II Intermediate
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Japan Tier list now!


what is de advantage of know match ups tier list if you not know “why” you chars have advantage/disadvantage vs other chars??

lasker say:

"the theory bores to me "…“the reality make me strong”

excuse mi english


Ryu is 9th?!? :sad:


I agree. Discussions and theories can only go so far… Although they are great and very helpful a lot of the time, I think the absolute best way to get good at third strike (aside from discussion, watching videos, etc.) is simply playing other people and playing the game as much as you possibly can. Learn from your mistakes, learn everything there is to know about your character, learn about the different match ups, learn the punishments and setups that work well, get your execution down and then play play play. Then after time and experience, you will have knowledge of the game itself and knowledge of the mind aspect of the game… and you will most likely THEN be a good player.



I’m no longer a beginner, and now it’s almost like I have to start over because Chun’s just so much better than Alex.:annoy: :wasted: :confused: :sad: :shake: :bluu:


Keep powerbombing their asses! Don’t become another chun player :wink:


Stay on the ground would be a good thing for starters:P To make it even more fun: don’t dash. Just enforce it till you feel totally comfortable with it, then start loosening up with jumping and dashes. It really makes a HUGE difference.


ryu not is bad …you can win only need practice and work …i think for yourself and understand the game …

i not think this match ups table suck …i think “how the lot of people use this” is mistake …(he try “no-think”)

excuse me english


THis is according to the Japanese match up charts. Take note that the japanese are insane with the “top tier” characters. Ryu is considered 9 because the other shotos have alot more speed with only a small power compromise. Also, comparing the movesets of each of the characters and the different crossups/ cancels/ SA’s and speed in general, Akuma (Gouki) and Ken outclass Ryu. Of course, this is only a statistical chart. So, an excellent Ryu player can still control a fight, but isn’t nearly as versatile as one of the other shotos. (Though Ryu has some devastating set ups and combos. I prefer doing a normal attack, throwing out a hadoken, and then canceling into SA II). But then again, alot of people have always considered Ken better than Ryu and, up until SF3. Akuma was damn near invincible. But hey, if you want to play ryu, then play as Ryu. Maybe its up for one of the Ryu masters at this forum to move him up from 9th. Also, maybe if there were MORE Ryu players, he would move up much higher.


This is JAPAN ONLY chart. It ll gives you almost nothing if theres no strong comp in your area like, say… russia…


Sorry if it’s been asked before, but which version of 3s on consoles is the best?



there’s more on the arguement… I’ll post it up later.