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Sorry if it’s been asked before, but which version of 3s on consoles is the best?



there’s more on the arguement… I’ll post it up later.


Thongboy…where’s part2?


Not much info, so here goes… 3rd Strike is all about mind games and out thinking your opponent. The idea is to take what your character has and abuse it to overcome your opponents weaknesses. In most cases match-ups are relatively important as some characters have very strong play styles, like Urien or Yun for example.

If you’re new to the game and their isn’t much active competition in your area you’re really going to have to do some studying, like watching match videos. Knowing what moves each character should/does use and how they work to gain results is essential, as if you go into competition blind you’re going to see some really extravegant things and get overcome pretty often.

Don’t listen to people when they say “you should use this character…” Quite simply, they’re up them selves. Explore all the characters and find one that works best for you. When you do, stick with them and practice. Learn their moves, priorities, bread and butter combos and most importantly, mix-ups. Also, don’t forget to punnish, it’s one of the most common ways to deal damage in 3rd Strike and it can add wonders to your game by adjusting to do so.

Anyway, other people can give way better advice than I can, but this is the basic aproach you want to take the game…


Thanks for the link. I have both a ps2 and a dc and was wondering if the ps2 US sf3 anniversary was a perfect arcade port.


Don’t listen to that bull crap, PS2 is the way to go. Only problem with the US version is the match recording feature doesn’t work on play back.


The PS2 replay save feature records and plays everything just fine, but the catch is that if you pause the game at any moment during a match, then the playback will only have movement only up until the point of the pausing of the game.




Really? Hmmm…I played around with the replay feature and it seemed to only ruin the recording whenever the actual fight was paused and unpaused. Then the playback would play fine until the point that the fight was paused, then the characters would just stand still until the time ran out. Basically becoming a waste of a replay.

If anything i’ll check it out sometime again to double check, but yeah if there could be some sort of emphasis on why it’s untrue, that would help me out. :wonder:


Because it’s been said a million times that it’s fucked in the US version… It’s never worked when I tried it either…


Ah I see. :wonder:


Why would both DC versions differ btw? Just asking because I’m usually using that to practice. Aren’t they the same ports but translated.


Does anything talked about here apply to say… the JP version of 3rd Strike on PS2? I’m a bit paranoid now :o


You mean the replay stuff? No, that’s fine in the Japanese version of the game.


Why is this thread suddenly about which version is best?


Yeh why?


Give em the easy way out, huh Epsilon :). I say learn Urien if you want to increase your self esteem and position in life.


What are Tourny Settings in terms of System Direction? I’m pretty sure they’re the “normal” and not original. Is this correct?


that matchup chart, where did u get it thong? Keep us upto date if u get it personally, otherwise post the link!


Hi i’m looking to start playing 3s, I just dunno what character to learn first?
I hear yun, chun, and ken are top tiers.
I was looking to learn a good poke character, like twelve until i heard he was bottom tier. any ideas on a good starting character