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Does anything talked about here apply to say… the JP version of 3rd Strike on PS2? I’m a bit paranoid now :o


You mean the replay stuff? No, that’s fine in the Japanese version of the game.


Why is this thread suddenly about which version is best?


Yeh why?


Give em the easy way out, huh Epsilon :). I say learn Urien if you want to increase your self esteem and position in life.


What are Tourny Settings in terms of System Direction? I’m pretty sure they’re the “normal” and not original. Is this correct?


that matchup chart, where did u get it thong? Keep us upto date if u get it personally, otherwise post the link!


Hi i’m looking to start playing 3s, I just dunno what character to learn first?
I hear yun, chun, and ken are top tiers.
I was looking to learn a good poke character, like twelve until i heard he was bottom tier. any ideas on a good starting character


Start the one you want to play with, that’s all what’s important really.


chun li is the best poke character in the game.


Ken is pretty good too…
though not as gifted as chun, he can link into super through many of his pokes easily…
but dont jump on the bandwagon… pick whoever you find interesting and cool


For the love of all that is sane and good do not pick Chun Li or Ken. The world has seen enough Ken v Ken, Ken v Chun, and Chun v Chun matches that it’s become a sad, sick joke.


that mentality doesn’t help anyone. don’t preach your personal opinion onto others


Something I try sometimes (even now) is arrograntly trying to land a move on someone repeatedly even though they won’t let me. For example, lets say I want to walk up to someone with Ken and just do a light dragon. The learning curve is getting around all the counters and stuff that the opponent is doing to stop me from doing that dragon. Like maybe they’ll start out with max range sweep. So first I have to learn to bait or parry that. Once thats done, they might start throwing out high pokes once I get past their max sweep range. So then I might try and high parry or counter poke to stop them. And so on and so on. Granted - if your opponent is good you’ll most probably NEVER get that dragon, but you’ve learnt A LOT about the system mechanics while trying to land it.

This sort of thing mainly followed on from my endless attempts to land Raging Demons on people. I’ve learnt so many OTHER things while trying to get that, I hardly bother with the actual demons anymore - I just use the fear of it to bait out all the counter pokes or jump away attempts.


I sweep people that don’t block:P

I pretty much said to pick whatever you want to play because of what EVIL5150 stated. But it isn’t the fact people have seen Ken v Ken, Chun v Chun or Ken v Chun too much already. It’s moreover because everyone ‘knows’ Ken/Chun and then find out they don’t know jack when they face off vs anyone that actually has these chars as their main.

Don’t get me wrong, Ken and Chun are by far the easiest and safest characters to get into, but to play anything real with them is just a different story. This simply means that when it comes down to actual match play you should get into what you are comfortable with and not what’s ‘supposed to be the better character of the game’.


So I’m not crazy for picking up Ibuki since I’ve started playing this? (about 3 days ago >_> finally got round to importing it). I hear a lot of talk about how she’s a difficult character to play because you need to know about all the characters and what they will do to you.


wells its not that really, shes pretty gimmicky if you ask me. it just that you will lose if you fuck up. and top tiers will rape you sometimes, even if you play great.


ibuki’s only good for getting raped


I just have some questions regarding some of the terminology and what they mean.

2.Negative Edging

  1. “empty”… refers to cancelling a move before it even comes out… i can explain better with an example… kara throw with chun li would be… :mk:~:lp:+:lk:… you have about 10 or so frames to cancel into the throw. what that does is take the first few frames from her s.mk, which moves her body forward, and makes you have longer reach on your throw. Chun’s Kara throw is NASTY BTW… Akuma, is a little more tricky, in the sense that you have to hit :r:+:mp:~:lp:+:lk:. You can kara a special attack as well. For example, take Makoto. You can easily Kara her Karakusa grab. If you’re outside of her :lk: range, whiff the :lk: and cancel it into the grab. she will take an extra step forward and grab you.

  2. Negative edge is simple… instead of doing a hadoken like this… :qcf:+:hp:, hold :hp:, then do :qcf: + let go of :hp: congratulations, you just did a negative edge hadouken. There’s a few uses for it… If you do ken’s double dragon punch combo, it’s easier to neg edge the second one. In Marvel, you can NE Sentinels Flight mode for really fast fly / unfly transitions… if you go to activate a super, and “piano” the respective punches or kicks, you will, thanks to negative edge, have six chances to have properly tapped the button at the right time.

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