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I watch my character as they bounce on the ground and tap down on the stick in relation to that.


yeah tengu stones, forgot somehow.
like sticking your hand into a meat grinder.


here’s a question on Chun/Ken vs Yang. as far as I know, Chun and Ken can both reversal super Yang’s EX mantis slashes at any point on block, however a lot of Yangs will delay the next one to catch you buffering and you end up eating the rest anyway. so do you need to treat these as basically safe until you’re sure they won’t do another? is there a timing where you can for sure punish but they can’t keep the series going? the frame data site says it’s -4 on block but I’m not sure if that’s for the first slash, or all of them, or if it gets progressively more punishable. is it better to reversal, look to parry and punish, or just block?


Good question. Wish i knew the answer. only person on video I’ve seen successfully do it with any consistency is nuki.

thought it’s worth mentioning that I’ve seen nuki red parry or parry ex slash and then strong shoryu Jinrai it also.


When it comes to EX slashes I usually block the first two and wait for a delay on the third. Yang delaying the third tends to push you out of the range where he can finish the slash combo if he were to bait action out of you and is a good point to wait if you want to buffer into anything because a delay on the third can also cause the fourth to miss. This isn’t a for sure thing, though. It might even be a WAG.


Hey all,
Anyone up for some casuals? I’m interested in developing my Dudley some more. I feel like I’m falling into some bad habits such as jumping too much or becoming too defensive when I should maybe push the envelope a little more. It would be cool to spar with someone to maybe get some feedback on what I should really work on. Also, I’m not sure on how much I should vary my style vs a different character/player or if I should work more on getting them to play against my specific way of playing…I hope that makes sense…haha
My XBL tag is oo Waggs oo.

Don’t expect anything special out of me. Just trying to improve.


You don’t have PSN??

PSN: user1does



Lets do a set soon. I don’t know very much about Dudley other than some nuances of the Gouki vs Dud and Ken vs Dud. Ill throw in some Oro for geezer spice.


i know how this sounds but how exactly do i fight people who just throw shit out without rhyme or reason?

it’s difficult for me to play against someone who just does shit (random tatsus, srks, etc).


Try to catch him out of his escape route. Akuma jumps back with fb as you move in? Wait for when hes bout to jump and throw fireball to go passed his fireball so that your fireball hits him before he lands.

Take that idea and make something like it.

Unless hes just whiffing at random there will always be tracks, even if its not very precise. You can always use the idea of what his options are to guide you to a narrowing solution.


If they’re throwing out random shit, best bet is to block/parry and punish. Ken players are notorious for this and Chun players are shit once you knock them down.


I’m down! Oro is probably my worst matchup apart from a strong Akuma or Urien. He’s just awkard to fight haha. I’m normally on at night.

In regards to playing people that are throwing random shit out, you should close your eyes and do the same. Turn it into a flailing contest.


Ibuki seems fun as shit to play. Is she hard to use? I don’t see anyone use her. At all.


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There are plenty of great Ibuki players. Check out videos of Aruka, Atsushi, Xiao/Shao, Yoiyami, Higa, Kuroda, they’re all sick with plenty of variation. She’s a very technical character, but a lot of people say she’s fun to play so just overcome your own doubts and get to it.


Thanks for the information, man. I’ll get on it


Ibuki is pretty hard to use.
It takes a lot of time to figure out what to do, when to do it, what works on who, etc.

Also, play her to your opponent.


She also has pretty low health. Akuma and Hugo can really wreck her shit.


Akuma? I’d say it can get pretty close because in this particular matchup, both characters can really deal some good damage and stun.

Hugo gets owned by Ibuki because her low health is barely a factor here. She’s just way too fast and has a lot of safe options to make it hard for Hugo to do anything outside of anticipating stuff to parry.

Not to mention Ibuki just seems to be inherently good against big characters(Urien, Hugo, Alex, Q).


Hugo has jab and air strong. Those things are a godsend against fast and light characters like Ibuki.