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i know how this sounds but how exactly do i fight people who just throw shit out without rhyme or reason?

it’s difficult for me to play against someone who just does shit (random tatsus, srks, etc).


Try to catch him out of his escape route. Akuma jumps back with fb as you move in? Wait for when hes bout to jump and throw fireball to go passed his fireball so that your fireball hits him before he lands.

Take that idea and make something like it.

Unless hes just whiffing at random there will always be tracks, even if its not very precise. You can always use the idea of what his options are to guide you to a narrowing solution.


If they’re throwing out random shit, best bet is to block/parry and punish. Ken players are notorious for this and Chun players are shit once you knock them down.


I’m down! Oro is probably my worst matchup apart from a strong Akuma or Urien. He’s just awkard to fight haha. I’m normally on at night.

In regards to playing people that are throwing random shit out, you should close your eyes and do the same. Turn it into a flailing contest.


Ibuki seems fun as shit to play. Is she hard to use? I don’t see anyone use her. At all.


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There are plenty of great Ibuki players. Check out videos of Aruka, Atsushi, Xiao/Shao, Yoiyami, Higa, Kuroda, they’re all sick with plenty of variation. She’s a very technical character, but a lot of people say she’s fun to play so just overcome your own doubts and get to it.


Thanks for the information, man. I’ll get on it


Ibuki is pretty hard to use.
It takes a lot of time to figure out what to do, when to do it, what works on who, etc.

Also, play her to your opponent.


She also has pretty low health. Akuma and Hugo can really wreck her shit.


Akuma? I’d say it can get pretty close because in this particular matchup, both characters can really deal some good damage and stun.

Hugo gets owned by Ibuki because her low health is barely a factor here. She’s just way too fast and has a lot of safe options to make it hard for Hugo to do anything outside of anticipating stuff to parry.

Not to mention Ibuki just seems to be inherently good against big characters(Urien, Hugo, Alex, Q).


Hugo has jab and air strong. Those things are a godsend against fast and light characters like Ibuki.


Akuma is not strong vs Ibuki


I use Ibuki all the time and I can attest to what a lot of people here are saying. Hugo does get rape by Ibuki most of the time. I’ve played against some really good Hugo players online like TTFHRIP and it was really easy to get the win with Ibuki.
I have not found an answer to Akuma, he just seems to shut down Ibuki all the time. I still have a lot to learn myself, but I can’t get around Akuma or some really good Makoto players.
Expect Chun Li of course to mop the floor with you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Chun Li/Ken will just destroy you thanks to Ibuki’s low health as well.

Hexsells is right…
With Ibuki I never really found myself playing the same way I do against Hugo as if I was playing against a good Ken. You have to adapt to all the changes. It really is easy to face larger characters like Urien. Just take a look at the first fight for example:

Q, just like Hugo, is a big target for target combos and the rest the Ibuki offense madness:

You’re going to lose big sometimes it happens, I get blown up by the silliest of things that are face palm worthy. If you need any help, please ask or watch some of my videos if you need a clear idea of what the casual ibuki player is like. I’m not perfect, so forgive me lol. Good luck…

Edit: I’m quite aware that Azure posted his inquiry almost two weeks ago, but still… here it is in case he comes back to reads this thread.


What are some ways to counter Akuma Demon flip pressure/grabs with Yang? Jump jab, Roll Kick, Command Dash? I’m a novice player and most certainly a shitty Yang so what are some options. I usually just shoryu with Ken when I read a grab but Yang has a slow dash and different anti-air options I’m not aware of. Maybe I just listed the options but my reactions and akuma matchup knowledge are awful.


probably jump back rh or jump back fierce are best? maybe try walk under so you can punish


Yeah, I usually get frozen when i’m in the loops. I’ll hold block all day if i can. When I wrote that first comment, I was thinking about corner demon flip pressure.
But like you said, it seems from that as long as I read demon flip throw then I have ample opportunity to escape with walking. Just checked out the frame data as well, so I just need to be more cognisant of the situation. Thanks, helped me reach an epiphany.


Aside from jump back HK/FP, you can option parry high into close MK. One is a bit safer but offers ok damage and a special reset. The other offers more damage and followup pressure at the risk of getting stuffed from a mistime.


Oh, if you ever choose to walk under, do it early. Make sure your opponent does not early dive kick. If he does, walk under should be erased from your options.

If you’re having trouble reacting to his demon flip throw (as opposed to various timings of his dive kick), then it’s just a matter of familiarity and experience in reaction/execution. Keep at it!


Not sure where to ask this, but which port is the closest to the 3S arcade? GGPO, CPS3, 3SO, DC, Xbox, PS2, ect.? I never played this game in the arcade, and I’d like to mess around with the closest version to it.