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Aside from jump back HK/FP, you can option parry high into close MK. One is a bit safer but offers ok damage and a special reset. The other offers more damage and followup pressure at the risk of getting stuffed from a mistime.


Oh, if you ever choose to walk under, do it early. Make sure your opponent does not early dive kick. If he does, walk under should be erased from your options.

If you’re having trouble reacting to his demon flip throw (as opposed to various timings of his dive kick), then it’s just a matter of familiarity and experience in reaction/execution. Keep at it!


Not sure where to ask this, but which port is the closest to the 3S arcade? GGPO, CPS3, 3SO, DC, Xbox, PS2, ect.? I never played this game in the arcade, and I’d like to mess around with the closest version to it.


cps III >>>>>>>>>>>> offline fba with crt monitor etc etc > play 2 > box360 > online fba (ggpo) > box > ebola > dc


Cps3 IS the arcade version.
Pick OE on 360 or Final Burn Alpha (GGPO).


Agree with Fran except IF you want a good training mode, use OE (+CRT)

Also depends on your computer specs and monitor but GGPO > OE.

In my opinion ps2 and OE is subjective. there are pros and



I know CPS3 is the acarde emulator, but how accurate is to the actual arcade machine?

Well that’s good to hear, since GGPO is free and all.


CPS3 is not an emulator. It is the arcade version.

Which port is best isn’t clear and opinions vary. any online version is really far away. IMO ShmupMAME is better than FBA and OE. as far as training mode goes, it depends on what you want. everything you can do in OE training mode, you can also do in MAME and FBA, with the exception of random block/hit/parry for hit confirm practice. and I think MAME/FBA training mode setup with LUA scripts is better outside of that.

if we are talking online, I agree GGPO > OE, but it’s a different kind of experience. they seem to be just different kinds of lag.


OE is weed. GGPO is Heroine. Weed will make you a little dumb sometimes but only for a bit. Heroine, though, that shit fucks you up for life.


Ps2 is fucked. Kara palms and any yun loop are prohibitively difficult.


GroovyMAME for me is better than shmup now. Shmup is leaps and bounds above fba in terms of input delay, but you face more audio/visual glitches. Groovy on the other hand is made for “exact” emulation. It still has some audio latency problems with fast moves if your soundcard isn’t that great though, some of those clips may not even play, but that aspect is still improved compared to FBA and Shmup.

With it’s release of .151, it has an updated frame_delay option that can effectively remove any delay compared to arcade, the option name may seem like it would do the opposite though = D. You need a fairly strong PC to get the most out of it and usually need trial and error for the number depending on the game… Apparently they’re trying to implement an auto frame delay option that will calculate the best settings for your PC on the launch of a game. You also aren’t locked to static numbers for the audio latency either, 1.3, 2.2 etc are all accepted by it. So with MAME, if your audio couldn’t really cope with a delay of 1, but 2 feels too laggy, try something in between!

Another benefit is proper speed. I set my Groovy to make 3S run at double the Hz but Groovy auto corrects the emulation to half speed, so around 119.17 Hz. This should make the game run at arcade speed (59.583Hz) I can definitely feel the change too, it’s noticeably slower. I even had trouble will simple things, for example, I was canceling into Hayate too quickly a few times lol. On top of that, running at double Hz produces hardware scanlines on my CRT. It looks glorious = )

GGPO is far, far, far better than OE online I agree. I played with a European friend of mine on OE, it’s basically unplayable. Even with a delay set to 3+ on both our ends, still makes it look like a jittery mess… (soooo how 'bout that patch Capcom?) 0 delay on real GGPO looked and obviously ran better than OE set to MAX… I wish I were joking. I haven’t tried playing anyone from the US on it yet, but I can only assume it would be even better.

The obvious downside to Shmup and Groovy for a lot of people is no online support. So most people will probably stick with GGPO. For those of you that have problems with the input delay with FBA like me, or you’re able to play offline with friends but don’t have access to a Cab, you should really try out Shmup or Groovy. Groovy takes more time to set up and has some PC requirements to make the most out of it… But if you’re able to run it well, you probably won’t want to turn back = )

Damn that was longer than I thought it was going to be! Happy Thanksgiving!

ps, I’m thankful for GroovyMAME shocker, I know.


I’ll give it a try! I’ve heard good things but never tried Groovy. will definitely do that soon and report back.


I understand that, but I thought we were talking about the CPS3 emulator from Nebula. I’m obviously not interested in buying a CPS3 arcade machine, so I just assumed that they were suggesting the emulator.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll be sure to check out groovyMAME, and if I decide to take the game online, I’ll go with GGPO.


I’m not sure if this happens often elsewhere, but I’ve personally only seen this once. I was in training mode playing against the CPU (Makoto) as Elena, and there was a moment in the corner (Elena’s back towards the wall) where she activated Abare Tosanami at the exact same time I high-jumped…Makoto didn’t grab onto the wall as she usually would. She actually rolled backwards and then back down to the ground. Idk if it’s because of Elena’s high-jump or if it’s the way the screen moved at the start of her super, but that was definitely weird…I’ve never seen her SAII whiff like that.



I’ve seen it before in some video long time ago but didn’t know how to recreate it. It doesn’t happen very often like you said


groovymame sounds really interesting from reading a bit about it.


What’s “guard jump” and should i start looking to incorporate this into my game?


Hold up back before you wake up or during block stun and press grab just as you are about to leave the ground.

You will jump out or tech a grab. This still leaves you vulnerable to lows but on the flipside causes an air reset situation if you get hit out of the air.

I have been doing this since 2006. I’m sure there are old posts where I say it. In the Ken forum to be sure. But this move refers to something NicaKO has on a list of techniques saved on a text file that he compiled after talks with MOV.

I’m sure there are noteworthy players willing to illustrate the technique in play via some match vids or something.

edit: The MOV version of it refers to throwing out a guess and then jumping out before they can hit you. I have a rather in depth write up of this that I’m going to PM you. I don’t really care for the drama that plays out here.


god i wish dander would stop posting wrong information over and over again. worst thing is he’s so convinced he knows everything.


guard jump is a technique using the 6 frame throw invincibility window on wake up. you guard for those 6 frames, and jump. what this does is allow you to guard meaty attacks, and allows you to jump out of their throw attempt. the down side is the opponent can delay and time a move so that it hits you during the pre-jump frames. i recommend returning your joystick to crouch guard after inputting jump so you don’t get hit by multi-hitting moves.

what dander is trying to describe (incorrectly) is jump tech. jump tech is where you hide a throw tech inside your jump. this technique utilizes the fact that if you jump and push a button at the same time, the normal move you pressed wont come out. so if used correctly, you tech their throw if they attempt a throw, or you jump.

guard jump isn’t too difficult and i recommend putting it in your arsenal of defensive options. i know its common now for players to use this technique in japan. jump tech on the other hand is more difficult and im not too sure if its as commonly used. to simplify it, guard real quick on wake up, then tap jump to jump out of throws. just remember its not going to work if your opponent is delaying their okizeme, so sometimes its best to just guard. just being aware that you cannot be thrown for those initial 6 frames is good to know even if you decide not to practice this technique anytime soon.


the mov version he’s trying to refer to is simply parry jump (buro jump). not really a mov version, but just another jump technique in the game.

this is similar to guard jump, except instead of guarding for those 6 frames, you input a parry. during a parry the game doesn’t register jump inputs so if you get the parry you stay grounded and punish. if they tried to throw you jump out. like guard jump, this technique loses to delayed moves. remember this technique is still “guessing” so if you inputted the parry for the wrong direction youre going to get hit.

if youre an intermediate player, i would recommend trying to incorporate guard jump and parry jump at least vs Q, Alex, and Makoto. (to beat their command throws)