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crossup block/parry is the only one i can think of which is something really helpful to know.
vs possible crossup. tap and then hold forward (obviously with correct timing).

nothing else comes to mind other than stuff which imo isn’t an OS like just buffering special/supers inside a placed attack so if they walk into it you confirm or DED confirming (using gauge building from a hit to confirm into super).


what does DED stand for?


DED is named after the player “DED” who popularized the technique.


Finally the ancient question has been answered. Thanks!



You guys i need help doing double QCF inputs when comboing with it. Example like Chun li Cr.mk to SA2/Ken Cr.mk SA3


I think for those you just need to keep practicing until you get them down. They’re the most basic of basics in terms of inputs so there’s no real trick.


Super motions on cancel can be done like Cr.MKxx23623 (QCF, 2nd QCF end on down forward for a total of five inputs)

Also drumming or pianoing inputs for supers helps as well


Focus on being accurate when you practice. Start slow and gradually increase your speed until the super comes out.


So I’ve been playing 3S lately and having a lot of fun. It’s making more sense to me in general but the game still feels really sluggish; I can’t get a feel for movement. It’s really confusing, nothing happens the way I feel like it should happen. It’s difficult to articulate without being vague. I just don’t feel like I’m ever in total control of my character. I main Ken/Mak and I’m coming from playing SF4 for five years and playing SFV since launch. 3S feels both slippery and stiff at the same time… Hopefully it’s something that will come naturally as I keep playing it but if anyone has any tips or can at least relate to me in their experience learning the game I’d appreciate it!

EDIT: Another thing I’ve noticed is I seem to find myself in the corner pretty often. Maybe I take for granted the fact that I’ve been playing SF4 for so long, but that game along with SFV have always felt very natural to me. Even UNIEL, the only other 2D sprite based game I’ve learned how to play felt very intuitive and smooth when I started out. I wish I knew why it’s not coming together for me :\ “Unresponsive” might be another word to describe how 3S feels to me.

I guess another useful bit of info is I’ve played the game on a crappy american arcade cab with american parts, dreamcast, a japanese candy cab (provided the best experience so far) and most recently, fightcade. Every platform I find myself experiencing the same sensation, so I’m not certain it has to do with input lag…


Huh. Weird. I actually felt the complete opposite comparing 3S to SF4, in that I think SF4 is unresponsive, sluggish and stiff in comparison to 3S.

It’s not really easy to answer a question like that unless you know exactly what the problem is. Is it movement speed that gives you problems? The controls requiring faster and more precise inputs than SF4?

As for getting cornered: 3S has shorted stages than SF4/SFV, so you usually want to fight for your space to avoid being cornered. A lot of characters also have really good corner carrying tools.


Bah I wish I knew what exactly the issue is… Ken and Dudley feel pretty good in general in terms of walk speed but they still feel slippery… Like I’m fighting the controls half the time. Part of the problem might be the need for more precise inputs as I plink everything in SF4/V and can’t double tap very well. There are times where I think I can press a button but nothing comes out. It feels like I get dropped inputs at times (though I’m sure it’s just my timing) I’m really inconsistent with quick rising and I can never wake up uppercut…

It could be that there are a combination of these little things that I’m not familiar with which are adding up to create an environment that feels really foreign. Things like hit stun, it’s never obvious how long the opponent will be in hit stun after landing a jump in, for example. Hit boxes aren’t super clear to me. Normals seem like they have more pushback on block. It’s hard to tell when my turn starts and ends; neutral and pressure sort of blend together for me.

Sometimes when I’m trying to play footsies I randomly parry something on accident which throws off my rhythm… Also I don’t think I dash enough. I have this subconscious fear that I’m gonna run into a limb if I dash but it almost never happens… Basically I don’t feel free to move about at will.

I realize the only real solution in this situation is to keep grinding it out but… it sucks feeling like I’m the only person with this experience lol.


You’re just not used to the game. that’s all.

the people here are 3S players first generally. you really want to talk to people who played 4 then learned 3S since they would be able to explain why things feel how they do to you.

you need to grok parry. before then most things won’t make sense i imagine. the game is built around parry both the actual action and the possibility of the action. so until it becomes a natural part of your play, you won’t really understand much.

saying 3s is unresponsive is funny. its not unresponsive, you don’t know the timings. so you go to tech and you mis it, you go to reversal and you miss it. cancel, miss it. etc.
the windows are much smaller in 3S. you are doing things too fast or too slow. too early or too late. the game is more responsive than 4 or certainly 5.


I didn’t say it’s definitively unresponsive. I said ‘unresponsive’ is a way to describe how it feels to me. I’m not here to argue what game is better or more responsive, just to relate my experience and hopefully find encouragement. Maybe you didn’t mean to do this, but your tone is coming across slightly defensive or elitist. No need for that. :\

What does ‘grok parry’ mean ?



if you want to play the game, play the game. there is no substitute for experience.


Hey, that sounds like me!

This gets better with practice. I know people who could do some of the most difficult combos in SF4 with ease, but still struggle with anti-airing with uppercuts in 3S because they’re so used to just using the shortcut. As for quickrising, I actually miss that embarrassingly often myself. You just need to get it down to the point where you’re not even thinking about it.

Yeah, normals generally have more pushback than SF4 and ESPECIALLY SFV. One thing I can say is learn to use this to your advantage. So many people I’ve played with don’t understand how, but it’s a great way to set people up to push buttons at a bad time.
As for “when it’s your turn”… you can’t really think of the game in terms of “turns” the same way you do in SFV, or even SF4. It’s all very, very fluid in 3S. You constantly need to be in mind of what kind of options both you and your opponent has. This even goes against opponents that don’t know how to apply parries really well.

Oh, and jump-ins generally have very little frame advantage in 3S compared to SF4 or SFV. Unless you’re hitting very deep, or with something like Dudley j.HK, or managed to parry an AA, you’ll often not getting a full combo.

3S dashes are even better than SFV dashes on paper, lower input lag aside. You can definitely die from dashing at the wrong time, however. Learn to use them properly, (the first round of this set is essentially “how to apply dashing 101”) and learn to use the threat of them to set up people to use pre-emptive buttons that you can whiff punish.

Hope this gives you some ideas. =)


Anyone know of good online software for managing Danisen leagues?




Hey your reply was awesome! Thanks for the tips/insight. :smiley:


Appreciate all the advice that everyone’s given here over the years. Finally getting into this game so this feels like a goldmine of information, aha.