3s new stages maybe

i was wondering if its possible to switch backgrounds between the sf3 series. Like a 2nd impact stage on third strike.

Are all the sf3 stages a single file per stage?
Are they all the same format?

I was hoping I could rip a dc version of 2I, extract the stages onto my computer, open up my anniversary collection ISO for the ps2 and then switch some stages out.

Kinda like how you swap the music out but with stages. I’m tired of the 3s stages.

that would require reprogramming the sourcecode or hacking. its not gonna be done.

this is very possible. only problem is that the stage files on the DC are probrably different. Also you might have to program in the heights and such for the stages somewhere.

first off sabre your an idiot and this is why your an idiot


they do this type of thing in the mugen games all the time.

yea i thought about the stage height being an issue but dont they have elena in all the 3s games? If she has her funky jump in all the sf3’s, the stage height should already be set.

The only thing i was sorta worried about was like stage objects. Like in the old school ones you can hit the enemy into a sign on ryus stage or the barrels on kens stage. I wasnt sure if they had anything like that in the sf3 series.

I’m still wondering if the stage files on the sf3 series are all in the same format. I dont have a copy of 2i or original sf3 to test.

Know why? That’s Mugen, dumbass. This is Third Strike you’re talking about. Mugen is just .jpg files with the word “Stage” on it.

actually they are cleaned .pcx images with an applied pallet, then programmed to become animated (more than one sprite for animation) as well as layers, moving from front to back.

3s is done the exact same way, the stages are ripped in layers.

first of all greensyo. you know abosultely nothing. 2nd of all, grow up with that quick insult when you werent even insulted or anything. i stated that you cant do it, unless extremely talented in hacking or had the source code. then you call me a fucking idiot? what are you, 10 years old? i hope you are so atleast you have an excuse to have an immature mentality like you just showed. also, im very sorry you didnt hear the answer you wanted like “yeah its easy, put this file on cd, and just burn.” reality check. its not that easy.

nice link, well it seems you know everything now dont you, so why make this thread?

ok let me give my explanation to your feeble mind before i ban you.

first of all, you linked me to mugen. the game was designed to be customized by users. 3rd strike is copyrighted material and not meant to be changed in anyway. the stage data, is coded into specific files, mixed in with various other data that has nothing to do with stages. this isnt like sound files (which are separate files from the main game data) on the dc that you can just easily swap out and change names. there are no specific stage files on disc its all hardcoded into the main game data IIRC(trying to do this in laymens terms). to access that shit, change it, and make it work without glitching the whole game out, would require some very good hacking skill, or having access to the original source code to make changes, which only capcom has and will never release of course. and hacking is not an option cuz judging by your crazy intelligence level, you cant do it.

now that you got your explanation. gtfo and come back when you have matured and learn how to play nice. IDIOT

SaBrE’s prefectly correct. This isn’t some fan hacked game we’re talking about. It’s a precompiled and prelinked binary file. You’re not getting inside of it with just a smile and a wink.

If swapping a few image files in whatever format around was the most difficult thing to hacking the game, it would have been done a hundred times over now.

The graphics used in Mugen are generally and painstakingly removed by doing a nice high-quality RGB image capture from a running game and sweing the pictures back together. They aren’t merely ripped out of a working binary as you obviously think they are.

Spend some time in real software development, and you’ll realise what you’re asking is impossible.

exactly! =)

Well there ARE ways to change everything in a game. A perfect example would be the modification of smackdown vs raw that the italians did that added 20 new wrestlers that were non “create a wrestler” as well as changing all the music and adding new match types that did not exist when the game came out.

You are saying that it is nearly impossible to change the shit, when to the fact it just takes time and effort. If you really wanted to you could do it, but for the most part it would be a waste of your time due to the fact it would take so damn long to do.

Mugen coding is far different from real coding, this i know, i do work in c++ and C# constantly. Fact of the matter is, if someone REALLY wanted to decompile the game and work with it to change things, it could be done.

i know it can be done. i said it would take hacking skills, reverse engineering, etc… to accomplish the task and its very obvious that dumbass doesnt know. and you have to be pretty damn good at coding to be able to do it. no regular “joe” is gonna be able to do it. hence, why you see no one ever doing it. its not a simple replacement.

i know it can be done, but you have to be talented and waste A LOT of time to get it done, and even then, pray its not extrememly buggy

In the same way, you could build a tower of popsicle sticks that reached the moon if you wanted to. “It would just take time and effort”.

Have you ever decompiled something as complex as a large game? Ever tried to READ the code that came from such a decompilation? It ain’t human-friendly, I can tell you now.

While I appreciate you are talking in absolutes, the fact of the matter is this task is far too difficult for anyone to do in a realistic manner. If you want to interpret that as “possible but improbable”, then fine. I pity the fool who tries it for themselves.

Are there any remixed versions of third strike for the ps2 anniv edition? I have the rock type remix for the DC.