3s on dreamcast

I’m just getting into Third Strike, and i’m thinking about buying it for dreamcast since not too many arcades that i know of have it in so cal except for family fun. I was wondering if there are many differences between the DC version and the arcade version and if it’s even worth buying since it’s so hard to find. Thanks.

It is well worth your money.

The only difference is slightly less frames per sprite (barely even noticable), The music isn’t as deep (IMO, I’m not sure if this is fact), and unblockables are taken out (not sure if all of them are, but the few I know have been).

This one alone is reason enough to buy a DC.

^What he said.

Nice av btw.

sweet. this is good news, thanks

Jiorn, your avatar makes me very happy.

the number of frames are the same, but there’s a moderately insignificant shift in start-up and hit frames. moderately insignificant because this usually has no effect on some characters, but on others, it does. the music’s just as good :stuck_out_tongue:

but yea, definitely should buy the game. don’t let anyone start ragging about how 3S DC sucks – they’re just pussies who can’t play the game well enough. WHINERS :lol:

Yeah, I mean, KO, KSK, Izu, we all know those guys can’t play 3s well enough alright… They know nothing! Listen to the almightly exodus and his frame data of doom instead. :wink:

Don’t worry, DC 3s is fine if you’re just getting into the game. But keep in mind that it’s not arcade perfect and the timings and a few more things (speed, sprite size, etc…) are different. Still way better than DC Alpha 3 though.

the japanese players are much more resource-intensive than we are. they don’t NEED DC 3S at ALL. meanwhile, the population of US arcades with 3S in them are slim. the only one he knows of is at family fun, but a newbie definitely would not spend lots of money playing against family fun competition.

when i said whiners, i was talking about the US players who refuse to DC 3S because they can’t manage the slight timing difference. i prefer to play arcade 3S as well, but that doesn’t mean i’m ignorant enough to neglect DC 3S…:rolleyes:

actually, nevermind. why not just go import a 3S cabinet? :rolleyes:

SFIII for DC is great over all, esspicly if you are just getting into the game. As Ive found latley though, once you get down to more advanced tactics, the less/slower frames can really screw you up when making the shift from arcade to DC. Genei Jin def. comes to mind (a lot slower on arcade), and there are some other instances where the timing is just slightly different on some moves.

its pretty much an essential buy if you’re getting serious about learning the game. cant beat trianing mode.

3rd strike may not work on your dreamcast for no particular reason at all. That’s what happened to me. They say an older Dreamcast is better for getting stuff to work on it.

Another difference people don’t often mention is the tracks are different. For example, Urien’s “Crazy Chili Dog” is a great track in the arcade, but on DC they changed notes and it sounds like crap.
Different versions, kind of like remixes, are played for each round rather than the continuous song. This is really obvious on Ibuki’s stage.

If anyone knows how to get my US non-burned copy of 3rd strike/ double impact to work on my non-modded DC, please let me know.


Thanks btw…

The problem with DC 3S is the “advanced” stuff for alot of characters that you would want to practise at home and then apply in the arcade does not work. e.g:

chun low mk then super on reaction is alot tighter, as is ken’s low mp into super.

urien, and oro’s unblockables are removed.

dudley’s juggles can’t be done.

yun’s genei jin, some combos can’t be performed.

and there is differences in timing of other moves and stuff. It’s fine for learning some things, but some advanced techniques can only be done in the arcade.

It’s not really about ignorance, more about choice. Why do you seem to care so much? It’s fine if you really like DC 3s. People are different. Some people are more picky than others, that’s all. Calling them ignorant makes YOU look a bit ignorant IMO. People can think and decide for themselves.

And yeah actually, I personally know people who imported 3s boards because they really dislike the DC version. If they can afford it, who cares? I don’t know much about the situation or how many people “don’t do console” in the US but I personally don’t blame them. Unfortunately DC 3s IS pretty different. I blame Capcom for doing half-assed ports most of the time.

Well said. Sometimes you can just tell if someone learn on DC. If you watch their Yun’s do gene jin combos and fierces instead of palms in some combo you just kinda laugh and point “DC combo”.

Correction: Dudley’s juggle combos can be done, but the timing for juggling combos is a lot tighter on DC than on arcade.

I thought there were a few that didn’t work. Even if the juggle combos work, they are tighter to the point where practising them on DC is pointless. I know the lp,mp,mk chain into mgb combo has different properties on DC then arcade tho.

the reason i do fierce instead of palm is because it does slightly more damage on the DC than it does in the arcade.

anyway, billykane, i’m not saying that YOU’RE ignorant. you state the difference in DC. i do too. but many players just keep it at “3S DC is not worth your time”. they’re the ones deciding for people. i don’t decide for people, people decide for themselves – i just tell them to give it a shot first.

DC 3S is a great way to waste time. The timing for certain combos is different, so it might be a little harder to do them, but most can be done.

For ken, i can’t really late-cancel cr.MP into SAIII, and it’s harder for me to hit opponents in the corner with a second jab shoryuken.

DC 3s is great, buying the DC for fighting games is totally worth it.

and the game itself is actually a pretty good translation, other than the fact that some really advanced technics and combos are harder to pull off due to timing, the basic game itself is perfectly fine.