3s on dreamcast

also, if you can time the links well on DC, then you should have no trouble doing them in the arcade since the timing is harder on DC.

most of the people complaining are probably those who play mainly in the arcade and can’t get their links to come out on DC.

That’s what the guy who made the thread is asking for. I’m sure he knows how to read and make up his own mind.

"I was wondering if there are many differences between the DC version and the arcade version and if it’s even worth buying since it’s so hard to find. "

People are free to say it’s not worth it. Yeah, learning the basics on DC is fine, it’s just that we are making him aware that there are some differences in the game to the point where he can’t do things on DC that he can in the arcade and vice versa.

I actually wasn’t trying to poke fun at you when I said that thing about the fierce instead of palm. When you see people do the fierce instead of palm in the arcade, then you know they learned to do genei jin on DC.

i dont see anything wrong with using fp’s regardless. i tend to use whatever will keep them in the air. i mean, if they are drifting to the ground, or they arent close enough, fp’s are good for keeping them a float. i mean look at KO, he uses every move in the book to juggle fools. :confused:

actually, most people ive seen who learned on DC dont even get past the first overhead kick, the timing is so much slower on arcade. :smiley:

There is nothing wrong with the FP. It’s that in the combo the fp on DC will connect, but the palm won’t in certain situations. In the arcade, the palm will do more damage.

Hey, I got past it that one time. Really, though, eveything is a lot easier after practicing on dc. The arcade is notably slower.

For example, I used to never hit yun’s mk launcher xx genei jin on dc or arcade. After a lot of practice on the dc I could get it aobut half the time. When I played on arcade again, I hit it every time I tried.

In summation, dc is good. My yun is bad.

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you’ll notice it, once you start doing hard links like ken’s b+MK, xx SA3

hit more than 1 kick button, consecutively. you won’t miss :stuck_out_tongue:

Then for arcade peeps, getting Ken to do crouching mp xx SA3, should be a lot harder to do on the dreamcast? I can’t even do that sometimes. :o

One other place with 3s in SO Cal is Gamedude. Its on Laurel Canyon and Sherman Way. Dunno how out of the way it is for you guys, but kinda close to me so its chill. It’s a videogame store, and has like 3 machiens, one with KOF 2001, one with Tekken 4, and one with almighty 3s. Not a lot of people play there, so if you’re looking for competition FF is way better, and also 3 3s machines at FF so you get the picture.


I need to buy:

  1. An Arcade Stick
  2. An arcade cabinet.

I played 3s at Shatto Bowling alley, and i pushed mp instead of fp a lot with Urien…i’m used to the DC settings (I play with lp, hp on the two top buttons.) Also, i suck with a stick…altho those shouldn’t be excuses why i lost…-_-;

Yes, you should really get an arcade stick.

DC controls are crap.

DC 3s owns!!!

I recommend buying it if you are new to the game.

You won’t notice ANY difference between arcade and DC until you get really good.
And by then you will have saved HELLA quarters from practicing in the arcade… more than enough to pay for the 3s, AND the Dreamcast, AND the joystick :smiley:

I’ve learnt hella games on arcade… they sucked me out of HUNDREDS of bucks just spent practicing and learning before I actually rose above scrub level… then when PS1 versions came out, although some conversions sucked, I still appreciated practicing for free at home on my Namco Stick :slight_smile:

I think it also depends on characters too.
If you play Makoto or Dudley, you’re screwed.
If you play someone who doesn’t rely on links or hard combos that much, say Ryu :smiley: then it’s all good!

Anyway, the BEST thing about DC 3s is that you can save matches on your memory card.
This is TOO GOOD!!!
Only VF4 bums truly appreciate this. It’s just a shame the game isn’t perfect on DC :frowning:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

Yeah there shit for DC 3s. Shitty handling for kara throws, but at least the controller ain’t bad for MvC2. :frowning:

I actually discovered that they had a 3s machine a few weeks ago and I’ve been going there to play. I’m sure you’ve already owned me a number of times…

Speaking as someone who’s almost never played arcade 3s (only one I ever saw in Ohio was a broken-ass machine in a movie theater that’s been gone for some time now)…

Is the arcade version just slower in general?

And has Oro changed significantly on DC in any way, besides unblockables? I could def. see game speed affecting chicken combos (especially vs. shotos), but I’m talking character-specific changes.


I have a quick question for 3S on DC. Is there anyway to turn the bonus stages off? They are getting on my nerves. Thanks.

what are the differences between the jap dc version and the us arcade??