3S Online Edition HD graphics by the community?


Has this been discussed? I know Capcom said an HD remix would be too much work and general consensus on these boards seems to be that there’s not even a need for HD graphics. I too think that the graphics have aged very well …


Do you think some of the more talented people (there must be some) could volunteer to redo (i.e. retrace) the sprites and backgrounds and just provide them to Capcom. You know, crowdsourcing it? Obviously, this would have to be a coordinated effort and I’m not holding my breath for it to happen. I’d just like to throw it out there to see what others think.


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will this madness ever end ?


SF2HDR already spent too much money on their sprites, that cost would probably more then triple for redrawn sprites.


@Bobpie: What I was gunning for here was that fans would do it for free (or for a free copy of the game in the end (and the exposure, of course)). I’m not sure, but I should think that integrating the frames in the game shouldn’t be too hard if they are exact retraces of the existing ones. I may be way off, of course.