3s Option selects vid

Hey guys
So, like I mentioned in Metrics thread before, I was doing a 3s os vid tutorial. I just finished it, but I still want to get some critique/opinions on it by y’all. It’s my first time doing something like this, so be harsh as fuck, after all, I want this to be as good as possible : )

Edit : Final version :

Jesus, why do 3S players always have great taste in music.

However, it seemed like there was a lot of text on screen explaining stuff, and not enough of just showing the play and having it speak for itself. Like the DED section could have just said “When you land a hit in 3S, you gain more meter than if you’d been blocked. This lets you do stuff like this:” and then shown the video. Also the music level seemed really high compared to game audio. Also some higher production quality stuff would have been nice, like how metric paused or outlined hitboxes sometimes.

But you still got all the information across, and aside from minor stuff like that, it’s a solid video, and any video teaching 3S to people is awesome!

Also you were totally right, my name and your avatar were made to be together.

Great video for noobs like me, that DED option select explained just as much information, if not better than C-Royd’s video (no offense to C-Royd)

You might be able to preface your video with information like which emulator you used, which side you were doing the inputs from, etc.
Also question about the normal tech, it looked like the Ryu player was teching the throw so it gives me the impression that it’s an offensive option select

Examples of inputs using directional arrows in your explanation such as the SGGK ( :f: :mp: xx :lp:+:lk:) would be helpful

Yeah, I wish I was able to do such a masterpiece like Metric, unfortunately I still dont have the grasp over Sony Vegas. I also wanted it first to be a more “visual” tutorial but I can’t do that shit when I dont even know how to do a pause in the vid at a specific frame. I guess I’ll just add in the vid that getting a hit gives more meter than getting it blocked . Thanks for the advice bro

It’s always nice to read stuff like this, thanks .
Regarding the normal tech, it’s actually Ken that is teching, pressing buttons + throw results in you doing a normal, I guess i’ll change the description in the vid. About the example of inputs, yeah … I guess I’ll have to do that, I wanted to outline the inputs in the input viewer thingy, but I have no clue how to achieve that

I’ll wait for a couple of more posts and then I’ll reupload the new version so you can all critique some more : )
Thanks for advices guys

good shit bro. good choice of OS’s to cover. input display is choice

i like how you built up the option selects to SGGK, so that by the time you get to it, it’s easy to understand.

i thought the amount of text is fine. explanations are clear and thorough, and i understood everything. there are some grammar errors but it’s no biggie.

input display is really cool, but hard to follow because things happen quickly. it would be nice if you slowed down the video as the critical actions occur so that people can match up the input display with what is happening.

dope beats.

good video and I definitely saw a few I had no idea about so it’s helpful to us newer people.

sort of weird that most people who make 3s tutorial videos go with the display text option instead of just talking over the video but hey whatever works!

I’m sorry man, this was the biggest brainfart of my life, you are right. This is what happens when you record everything with one controller and without much of sleep : ( Gonna fix that asap, in a couple of hours i’ll upload the new version.
Again, thanks a lot guys !

Uploaded the final version!!

nice . well done

Nice video!
(the last time link (3:12) is wrong in video details, should be 4:12)

option selects… i already knew something about them, mostly basic stuff like the crouch tech throw os, guess it’s time to study now :stuck_out_tongue:

very informative video, thank you vandarkholme.

whats the link to the video

fixed link