3S: Oro - Strategy and Tactics



I opened the Yun thread, to learn about genei-jin (and searching the threads didn’t do much help because i did so before I made the thread) but anyways. I decided to take on another character because to me, he is easier to use and learn in the arcades.

As the topic says, it’s Oro. I don’t know about anyone on SRK but I haven’t seen anyone use Oro (except for in videos from france which are few to say the least).

I’ve tried to search for Oro threads, but it’s easier said then done, obviously because they are prolly buried and the search system doesn’t allow searches of less then 4 characters and I doubt that i spelt ‘Oro’ wrong.

Anyways onto the strategy and tactics of this thread.

I spend most of his game utilizing his double jumps and quick dashes. I find it’s always a really bad idea to dash forward at the beginning of the round with oro, because he doesn’t really have many good moves that could actually hit the opponent after his dash. He ends up eating a lot of damage if he does this. From what I see from using Oro so far, is that he is good at capatilizing on other people’s mistakes, mainly the lag at the end of certain moves. I usually try and take my distance and use his fireball to keep distance while dashing in occasionally to scare the opponent. i find his mk is really useful as a jump in, his HK is kind of useless unless you try to link it off of his jumping or crouching HK.

The only useful combo I can find for him is s.mp [cancel after 1st hit], qcf+mk <repeat> or if I screw up the s.mp and it hits twice, I just use a s.HK to hit them on their way down. I don’t know if he has any other good combos, chains or links, because I can’t find any.

Oro doesn’t seem to have much problems against fireballers, but there are some problems against Necro and Remy because Necro and just use his electricity to hit Oro if he jumps in or if he does a qcf+k attack and Remy’s Flash kick (even though you could parry it) might be some trouble because it has a lot of range vertically. Oro’s jumping seems awkward to me and I have a lot of trouble controlling him after double jumping which usually gets me eating fat combos.

Instead of telling me to go search for other threads on oro or the such. Can someone help me with usable tactics/strategy and combos/links/juggles/chains? I have tried to look everywhere. I would now like the help of the people of SRK.


I,d like to change something in Original Geese combos for EX tengu stone.

The best version IMO `:

s.strong(2 hit)–EX tengu: s.mk,j.hk,s.mk,j.hk repeat until corner,in corner just do standing mk,then when the combos end do this follow up: s.strong(1hit) qcf+mk,s.strong(1hit)…you should be able to do it 3 time (the s.strong qcf+mk pattern) but only 2 on urien and none on hugo.

another good combo that does not involve a super is:
S.strong + qcf mk(twice) then a standing strong(2 hits),while your opponent is landing,EX a fireball,when youre opponent will get up cross him up with a mk,the ex fireball should hit him in the back,so you can start all that pattern again(s.strong and qcf+mk).

Why the tengu stone combo i gave is better than Original Geese’s one??? Because it brings the opponent to the corner faster,smk in the corner does a lot more damage,and you can follow up the combo which gives you about 20% of your gauge back.

You could even start the combo with the pattern(ya the fucking s.strong plus qcf+mk)then on the third s.strong,beside doing the qcf+mk again,do the ex tengu stone,and do the combo i wrote.

Now playing Oro keepaway could be ok for intermediate levels. But against Great players,you cant rely on your fireball too much,they can parry it easy,you wont keep them away for good, im not saying that his fireballs are useless,one thing you could do is when your opponent jumps,do a m.p punch fireball,if he parries it,charge buff to do an EX uppercut.But try to play him a bit closer to your opponent,use is qcf+mk cross up,dash and grab him,or neither c.mk + hcb+fierce punch. one thing you should master with oro too,is his charger buffer that allows him to dash then uppercut,this is some nasty trick every Oro player should do.

Now i gotta go to somewhere else,but if ya got any questions about Oro,ill try and answer them.


Keep away Oro is better. Dashing games get destroyed by random pokes, and Oro has no dashing game if the other guy doesn’t let him have one. That combo you posted i don’t think its better, but i guess i will try it and see. And you can’t do s. strong xx forward Air Stomp 3 times, you can only do it twice, then the third time, u can just do a 1 hit s. strong. Also, crossup Stomp sux. It’s easy to block. His c. forward xx fierce Grab is not good either cause u gotte be pretty close for the grab to connect. Strong fireball, then EX Uppercut is not good cause u will probably whiff since he moves forward so much, and even if u do connect, he only has to parry like 1 hit (when ur way up in the sky, so u will be fucked when u get down).


You talked about charge buffering. I read about it and I watched the Remy Advanced video which talked about it too, but I still don’t understand how to actually use it. Like when you dash with Oro. How do you charge buffer? I have an idea about what it is (ex. dash > > then hold down while he’s dashing / then dash again and hold down / all the while he’s in the air…) but what I don’t understand is how to charge it since Oro’s dash is pretty fast. Can you give examples or tell me what you do to charge it? Doing dashes into mp fireball then say an Ex Uppercut then back off and etc… would be pretty useful to surprise and opponents. But question is just how to do it. If you could, please explain as if I was stupid… (assuming that you think I am already :P)

  • Random Tips -

  • Abuse that s.RH and c.FP.

  • Double Jump if people are trying to parry.

  • Abuse your kara throw, s.mk, throw.

  • Dont be afraid to waste meter with Super 2.

  • Oro has some weird juggle properties with certain characters that either make his bread and butter really hard or really easy.

Elena - Easy
Hugo - Impossibe (needs a modified version, which isnt TOO bad)

His meter building bread and butter is as follows:
s.mp, mk stomp, s.mp, mk stomp, s.mp, super jump up rh

Trust me, this thing builds obscene meter, and sets up Super 2 extremely well.

  • REALLY abuse that s.RH.

I’ll come up with some more advice later.


Hehe…trust me i know what he was talking about and i know what charge buffering or wtf u wanna call it is. he used the wrong term to explain something that is simple. and just so ppl know, i think charge buffering is ALMOST useless. garbage. just to show off. hell, i do it with urien sometimes in the car stage to impress ppl. :evil: but they usually dont even get what i did…:lol:


:bluu: oro is not urien. doing charge into headbutt with urien is different. plus urien is just a lot slower then oro is :wink: charge buffering IS useful, but in Oro’s case, maybe it isn’t because really, if you could land a hit, why not just use his semi-infinite to build meter and if he already has meter to just do semi-inf. into super. There are still uses as Oro’s fireball is good for mindgames because he is the only character that can throw a fireball diagonally upwards into the air and horizontally across the screen at the same time. The fireball isn’t instant as well so while trading blows or throwing a fireball through a disapating one (Chun Li’s fireball). Dashing in with a fireball could be useful and could help with letting Oro control space… but enough with that explanation… I merely asked how do you ‘charge buffer’ and since you (Original Geese) has not yet been able to give me an answer, I ask again. What is ‘charge buffering’ or anything else you might want to call it, even if you want to call it stupid. I just would like to know. Knowledge isn’t a bad thing to have in a fight. Doing s.MP, qcf+k <repeat> over and over again stays entertaining for just so long, doesn’t hurt to know just something else to do. Jump-ins aren’t the greatest thing for Oro anyways. It’s too easy for him to be parried or countered. He doesn’t have that much priority on his moves, but with anti-airs, he has one of the best. So far he is the only one that I know that can slide under Akuma’s air fireball and uppercut him to hell.


Get the Remy video from www.cornertrap.com, it explains a little about charge partitioning, and some video examples help alot. If you still need more help after that I could give explaining it a shot.


Lol, I know how to do charge buffering but it is pretty much useless. Second, Urien is a LOT faster than Oro. Third, Oro has a LOT of priority…what kinda crack u smokin? Fourth, Oro’s AA’s are okay, not great as you think they are. Fifth, this thread is retarded. I’m outta here.


Original Geese:
Bye bye, I just wanted simple answers. I’ve played with Urien, he’s not the amention’d A LOT faster like you say he is. His moves have a lot of priority though and can trade hits with other high priority moves. Anyways, all I had asked you was to explain ‘charge buffering’. Instead all you did was tell me that it was mostly useless in your posts and didn’t bother. If you knew, I doubt it’d be that difficult to explain, but since you’re having such a hard time in doing so, I guess you probably don’t know. If you do, that’s better for you then, but right now thats what I’m trying to understand. After-all that’s what a forum is for right? If you discuss things, are you not supposed to learn? Let me learn then. Well anyways, thanks for helping. You can stop wasting your time here since you think it’s retarded for someone to try and understand something. Thanks for your time and your knowledge.

Burning Fist:
Would you mind trying to explain? I’ve only seen it done in the Remy Advance video, but the explaination seems kind of vague, I keep watching it over and over again and I’m wondering, yeah it says to charge the motion while or between moves? I just want an example or anything as to how charging works. Thanks.


The idea of charge partitioning is the following:

Certain moves such as s.fk, and overhead, require you to be standing to execute them, quite simply all you do it let the joystick go to neutral inbetween doing these moves. You should keep your “charge”.

Ex. (I’m pretty sure this should work)

s.RH (Hold down during the RH), release back to neutral the second the move ends, repeat, up+P.

The idea is your sitting there throwing out rh’s and not looking like you are charging, thus when someone comes in expecting a RH, you d,u+p them.

Its not the most useful thing is the world but its good for mixups and sometimes just to shock the opponent. :slight_smile:


Xiii: Just ignore Geese. There’s a reason why his account was banned. And probably more than once. He posts alot of crap and usually isn’t very helpful.

Anyway, I’ll look at that vid and see what I can make out of it.


Thanks. If you need any help with getting the video or anything. I can only send on ICQ so message me if you have it (#29855271), If not I’m on IRC #gamecombos on EFnet. I serve so you can just check out my fserve and download it from there (#gamecombos trigger). My screen is Xiii, thanks again.


To clarify…these are my accounts that were banned:

Geese (the original of course)


Eternal Blue

And I had many, many, many, other smaller accounts that got banned inbetween the big ones. I think I had other bigger accounts banned, but I’ve been banned so many times I forget all of them.


Geese u suck,

then again,here you go Xiii:

Charge buffering is different for everymove you charge,well its not the same timing for remy’s sonic boom than for a urien’s chariot tackle.

Charge buffering is a must,you must rely on that to win,the fireball in the air(i recommend m.p against everyone but elena and oro,if you play agaisnt those two,use the h.p fireball) do the charge,then press down immidiately,try to do it at the time you press the button from your last charge,use this time to charge down and do an Ex uppercut. Compare to what Original geese said,the ex uppercut after a fireball is very hard to parry,its not 1 hit,thats the advantage on his uppercut,its about 2 to 4 hit to parry depending on where you are in the air.

You must be able to do a charge after a parry(when an opponent jumps on you,you must be able to parry and retaliate with a move like the uppercut).

And after a dash,you can actually do a charge move,charge then dash and do back and front plus the button( or down and up).
One abusive thing is that you can dash backward and do a fireball,so woth that you can keep ur opponent at a certain distance. one good thing is to control well your distance,Oro is quite small,but i think you can control your field with him.

abuse of his dash,it is incredibly good,you can do a grab after it,even try to kara cancel it. When your oponents get ups next to you,i recommend you do the qcf+lk move,it crosses the opponents up so it usually hits them since theres not a lot of Oro player,and if they do block it,the move will land pretty far from your opponent anyway.in the air,if your opponent parries a lot,use h.p, its 2 hit to parry and people seem to forget, but if your opponent doesnt,just go with mk and try to cross him so you land a s.strong.

Geese yes you can easily land 3 times a s.strong qcf+mk pattern, but not on every character.

sorry it took time for me to answer,but anyway,ill answer other questions if you ask,ill post more about the basics and tactics later when i will have more time.


Burningfist explained it pretty well. I think there is a certain amount of time needed for charging (maybe 2 secs?) So just make sure you charge long enough. Certain moves like Rhs, Fierces, and UOHs make it alot easier to partition your charges. They simply give you more time to charge in between those moves.

burningfist wrote: s.RH (Hold down during the RH), release back to neutral the second the move ends, repeat, up+P.

I don’t think you have enough time if you only do one s.RH. I will test it sometime next week.

As for oro, charge partitioning can add some new mix-ups to his game. Like S.Rh, UOH, uppercut etc. But you certainly can’t trap someone in the corner like remy can.

There is a big difference between charge buffering and charge patitioning. They are not the same.


After you parry an anti-air fb from Oro, and he does an EX Uppercut, because the EX Uppercut moves Oro forward, Oro will probably whiff or connect with only the side of it, which is like 1 or 2 hits MAX. All dashing games in 3S suck…they are beat by random moves. Basing your game on a dash is stupid as well as stupid. Oro’s best attributes are his s. forward, and his EX Tengu as well as his stun abilities with the s. rh. His dash, throw works if the other is letting you win, if the other guy doesn’t care enough to do random moves, or if the other guy doesn’t care period.


Yeah, thats why the repeat is there, heh. :slight_smile:


How many times can you do the s.mp xx air stomp combo?


Well, theoretically, since the juggle limit is 6, you should be able to do [1] s. strong (1 hit) xx [2] forward Stomp, [3] s. strong (1 hit) xx [4] forward Stomp, [5] s. strong (1 hit) xx [6] forward Stomp. That is 3 reps. What I’m not SURE of is if the initial s. strong counts as a juggle. Since it is a LAUNCHER, then I’m guessing that it DOES count as a juggle hit, similar to how Urien can only do c. fierce (2 hits), EX Headbutt, EX Headbutt, which is 6 hits (which means the c. fierce counts as 2 juggle hits). Now, that is THEORETICAL. Practically, I will not lie and say that I have trouble doing 2 reps. That is why now, I just stick to doing s. strong (1 hit) xx forward Stomp, s. strong (1 hit) xx rh Stomp, EX Uppercut. This does more DAMAGE, but builds less meter. I’ll take damage over meter in Oro’s case beacuse he is not CHUN LI or YUN. He does not NEED meter to win, but it is one of his BEST attributes (if you’re using SAIII - Tengu Stone).