3S Oro tutorial released!

Streak and I have just completed a 9-minute video devoted to the Man of Gold. It’s currently available only on Streak’s fserve on #gamecombos, but come the beginning of February you’ll be able to download it from karathrow.com as well as another well-known combo video site. Oh, and sftchina will probably put up a mirror on their own as usual.

I’d appreciate any positive/constructive feedback you have. Thanks!

EDIT: Uh, it’s called Oro-ManOfGold.wmv in Streak’s Combo Vids folder.

I’m in #gamecombos on efnet if you didn’t know. I’m sort of monitoring the queues so if you come along and queue up the oro vid I’ll bump it to the front of the line.


Please Right Click and Save As. Big Thanks to Mr. Jamie for hosting this on such short notice.

Since theres so many people here that enjoys 3rd strike: http://big.freett.com/3rdpage01/3rd_ryu07.mpg (thanks to KoFplayer from akumacombos forums)

To download the small combo vid “Right click and save target as”

Its just a small Ryu combo but cool, I think it was made by some Japanese player (maybe?)

Okay, I have an fserve of my own running now.

Very nice vid. Oro’s a beast!

I loved the 1st song on the vid, 'cuz Hajime no Ippo is the best anime of all time! :evil: :wink: :cool: :D.

Where’d you get the soundtrack for it?

Jus’ my $.02.

  • Geronimo

P.S. (In japanese announcer voice) “MAKUNOUCHI!!”

:cool: that was a nice video, I used to play Oro when SF3 first came out, but then stopped when DI and TS came out, maybe I will pick it up again.

o shit, that was nice! i’ve more or less just been a ryu guy in 3s but after i saw Hung B’s oro i was like omg! i gotta learn to use this guy! nice job guys, picked up some good info from that.

Thanks for the kind responses. I hope the old man gets just a little more popular because of it.

As for the songs, just Kazaa that shit. The first song is “Inner Light” and was intended to be used for the entire video… back when I thought it was only going to be five minutes long. The second song is “Kumikyoku - Chi no Ryu” from the X TV soundtrack.

Hungbee’s the man, there’s no doubt about that. I look forward to seeing him kick ass in person at Evo2k4.

Great vid.

I was thinking of picking Oro for a while now. Thanks for helping make my choice.

omg you guys are my heros.

reading sucks, videos r00l.

wow go paul … impressive video !!

represent Canada !!

That was an amazing video JinraiPVC. I hope this will help people realize that oro will become top tier soon.:lol: :lol: Keep up the good work!!!

Even if I’m not a bid sf3 fan that vid looks good, it seems that Oro small size can be usefull against pressure players?
Good work.

It was done by RX, best Urien player in Japan.

has the links to his sites. Crazy combos for a lot of characters…

This is an incredibly informative video, thanks for your guy’s hard work into getting the vid put together.

That video was awesome. Vids like that for characters across fighting games would help so much.

Don’t forget about Azn-Anjels and Gunter’s tutorial vids. They can be damn useful.

Any tips for fighting yun and ken with oro?


One of the best vids ever released, and more useful than most combo vids. I love tutorials like this. And actually, after watching it I want to learn Oro (which I never considered doing before).

Every not widely played character needs a vid like this one, imho. It would help increasing variety among the players.

Nice video. Haha good to have all that stuff in one vid so if Im looking for a set up I dont have to search through the ones I have.

Also I noticed u are coming to toronto, I play in toronto good to have another oro player in the house.