3s p2p through ubuntu

I did a search and didn’t find anything on this topic. I recently switched over to linux (ubuntu 8.04) and want to get back into the 3s online scene. Is this possible through linux? any help would be appreciated

wine + windows applications

i tried wine + nfba once but it didn’t work. i didn’t look into it very much though. if you somehow get it to work, post up here.

you’ll also need this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=392494

no, it doesn’t work
not with WINE or anything

get back to XP, Lunix ain’t there yet

bwhahaha Aquashark


p2p should work perfectly on linux without wine after its coded. All you need after that is an emulator that runs on linux


you’re always full of surprises 0746 :smiley:

is that your program you’re using?

No idea dood. I was really bored so I fell in sleep at school. When I woke up it was there.


I’m looking forward to see p2p arcade gaming on Linux. Nice work so far 0746. Now, the emulator :frowning:

What system are you running you linux on? Do you think that program would work on ubuntu via ps3?

If standard c++ code can be compiled for it and has the typical low level packages all distros have… like X11 and rt and freetype and pthread…it should work.