3s Players: Competetion, P360, or Sanwa?

I know this belongs in hardware discussion or something.

I want to know what most 3s players use/prefer?

there is no absolute best. play on what you’re used to. if you’ve never played on stick before, use what your local arcade uses. annnd, if there’s no arcade scene, i say go with seimitsu or sanwa.

I learned this the hard way.

Play with whatever you’re best with. If you’ve been with dpad controllers longer than arcade sticks, the sensical thing to do is to continue using those, and vise versa. You want to improve your skill, not adapt to another controller first.

Seimitsus are used in most all japanese 3s machines. I actually prefer them for 3s, not as clunky as sanwas square gate.

Sanwa square gate gets the job done for me. :tup:

sanwa dood

For american sticks i find the comps to be better than 360’s. Easier to hit diagonals for moves like dive kick.

I wanna try out a seimetsu octagonal gate since I like the feeling of sanwas but i cannot execute at all with a square gate.

I have used American and Japanese sticks (not Seimetsu or P360s though) and I find the best medium is a Sanwa with an octogonal gate. It has the freedom of a circular gate, accuracy of square, but you don’t get locked in corners (well, I do when doing QCFx2) like in square. I love octogonal gates.

I totally agree with this.
I’ve bought so many useless sticks. First I tried the X-Arcade which was crap, then other random shitty sticks.

Then i got a Tekken 5 stick which was pretty damn good.
Then a P360 which is good but I never use it because I think P360’s are only good in cabinets because they need to be held down and I didn’t like playing with it in my lap, it moved around too much.
Then a Comp stick which was good but I had the same problem as the P360, it moves around too much in your lap.
Then, I bought a HRAP2 and was pretty satisfied with it. After that I found a Octagonal Gate that I just slapped on the bottom of the stick and made it the best stick I’ve had yet. Sanwa with octagonal gates:tup:

ive had both sanwas and american styles ie happs or p360’s. Its more of personal prefernce thing but i prefer any american style over the sanwas. The sanwa sticks feel funny. Those jap buttons are super sensitive. hybrid???

I used all of those mentioned before, and maybe cause I started out playing with Sanwa so Sanwa for me, needs to be square gate too.

Hardest time is probably Competetion, then P360 for me, but P360’s arn’t that bad, just that I have a hard time hitting corners.

I used a Seimitsu a few times before, there is somewhat a difference between that and Sanwa, but I can use both equally good.

I’ve never heard 1 positive thing about X-Arcade yet they are still advertised on the SRK main page :?

What exactly is wrong w/ it that makes it soo shite?

And I’m surprised not alot of ppl said P360 or comp. I saw MANY of those at Evo (including Justin Wong) and that really made me want to go that route … I’d like to know what he uses just for reference…

Hey, look, SRK has a search function…

Many people use comp/360’s because that’s what they learned to play on. Using what you’re used to/what your arcade has is the best choice, if you want to avoid set-backs. Otherwise, it’s just personal preference.

seimitsu > sanwa for 3s


Not entirely true. In most games you are not going to improve your skill unless you actually move on to a stick. But in concept, yeah your point is valid.

I own a Jap stick and a custom Happ Comp, and I always go for the Comp when playing 3S, it’s alot easier to control, and inputs are easier, but thats just me.

I have a hell of a time with Japanese sticks.
I tend to overcompensate for all the motions and button presses because I’m so used to the American style sticks, and I just end up whiffing a lot.

I’m using a seimitsu atm and I find it a lot easier to use than the sanwa. I didn’t give the octagonal gate a good go so I can’t comment on that. Although I find a bat top on a seimitsu gives it a bit more leverage and makes it easier to use. It seems like you have to do less to get things off, compared to using a ball top.

What kinda sticks are on the 3s Cabs at Interface and FFA?? (p360, comp, etc…)