3s Players Going to Summer Jam?


I’m gona reach summer jam at the end of the month for Marvel maybe persona and noticed they are gona run 3s, so i decided to pick up the game again for the month. Wondering if 3s players are going to be there.

Also for anyone why has played 3s at a major since OE how many entrants do they usually get over 20 under 20?


Final Round Atlanta got over 20.

CEO & UFGT didn’t find out.

Sir, you’d best play 3s for more than 1 month. Or is this a fling? Do not even answer that but just “why the pick it up for a month.”


I’ll probably be down at Summer Jam on Saturday, I have to work on Sunday. If you really want to play 3S there is a Versus City cabinet up in Doylestown, PA where we play 3S.