3's Players: Why Aren't you Playing Street Fighter 4?

Just curious to see 3’s players who don’t play Street Fighter 4 and why?

because its shit. can we keep SF4 talk out of here please.


no parry = no love

Probably for the same reasons some SF4 players aren’t playing 3S.

Because 3S is where my heart is at.

Well, other than the fact that I don’t have a PS3 or 360, I like the idea that 3s doesn’t play like any of the SF2 games. I spent so much time playing SF2 back in the day and I got burned on it, so 3s is more exciting to play for me now. I’ll still go back and play ST once in awhile, but I’m having fun learning 3s in the way I did SF2.

cause they turned sean into a short tight pant emo russian wrestler that cant show his balls on wakeup



Because I cantbuy a ps3/xbox 360…
No parry…
3s is faster for me

3s IS faster

I play SFIV at work, because the folks there are kinda into it and call me out all the time. I have to say that I pretty much only like the animation in that game–Dan’s idle animation is hilarious. Not too crazy about the gameplay, but it’s not totally rotten, either. I only play Dan (until someone at work unlocks Gouken) because I can’t stand any of the new character designs. Fuerte just plays weird, Viper is totally not my style (or a Capcom style for that matter, IMO) Rufus is too stupid for me to even appreciate, and Abel is a bore. So I play Dan. Because he’s funny. And I watch the game to see the new animations.

That being said, I don’t take SFIV nearly as serious as I did 3s. 3s was a very bold statement in terms of character design, animation, soundtrack, and gameplay. SFIV seems like an apology letter for 3s.

SF4 owns, why can’t we play both?

I play both

Have better access to 3s at the moment so I play it more

sf4 should never even be mentioned in this forum

the title is Street Fighter III:3rd Strike

not Shit Fighter 4

Reminds me of Xbox VS PS3 threads, none of which were ever productive.

This needs to be closed.

No need to get all sensitive guys. He’s asking about SF IV in relation to 3s… if he would’ve asked it in the SF IV forum then he would’ve gotten the biased opinion bunch of SF II/IV playing 3s bashers, and that would’ve gotten ugly. I know, us 3s players don’t like SF IV, but hey there’s nothing wrong with explaining why.

I don’t like SF IV as much because I feel it devolves the fighting system that was created in 3s. You can counter and overcome anything in 3s, but it’s just not the same in SF IV. I don’t like that you can’t counter anything while in the air, and blocking so much makes you feel like a bitch after a while.

keep sf4 outta here and close thread.

lol @ shit fighter 4

I’m going to get it when it comes for PC since i don’t own a 360/ps3 but from what I’m seeing in vids I don’t think ill enjoy as much as 3rd Strike.