3S podcasts

I have a bunch of old 3S related podcasts. Pretty much every Ask Dr. Sub-Zero (I think) and some Denjin Arcade episodes with gootecks interviewing various players. I thought about uploading them onto YouTube, but would I be stepping on any toes by doing so? I don’t figure I would be, but I know Subzero got out of the community completely and didn’t know if it would be cool to do this.

Also just wanted to gauge interest in this before I go through the process of learnjng how to upload these to YouTube.

I don’t think people would mind. You can just spill out everything.

Ok, I’ll do it. Might be a while but I just want to get them all uploaded because they seem to be somewhat hard to find.

Yea, 3rd strike podcasts is what my soul needs right now!
Any news on these? Also, if these are just audio, I’d love to get them in MP3 or something, for on the go.
Looking forward!

… so how did it go? Can I get a link?

Sorry guys, been kind of busy lately so I haven’t had time to do this. Since there seems to be some interest I’ll get started asap.

I’m for sure interested, been getting back into the game lately and It’d be a bit of a nostalgia trip to listen to those Denjin Podcasts. I haven’t heard those in like 7 years and it’d be nice to have something to break up my regular podcast rotation at work.

Hey guys, I just wanted to say I haven’t forgotten about any of this. Just haven’t really had the time for it. I’m now working on converting the mp3s so I can upload them to Youtube. Never really done anything like this so it’s been a learning experience but it isn’t too complicated. Just seems pretty time consuming.

How are you converting the mp3s to Youtube?

Windows Movie Maker. That’s how youtube recommended it at least. It seems pretty easy but saving the video is taking forever. If anyone can suggest a faster way I’m open to it.

I think if someone has an issue with it, as long as they are able to contact you it shouldn’t be a problem.

Also since you’re not using real names or anything (I assume) it shouldn’t automatically show up when someone’s boss searches for them lol.

Yeah I don’t even know anyone’s full names.

If anyone does have an issue with these being online, please contact me on here and I will be happy to remove it. I just feel like these should be online and listenable for everyone.