3s: Powerzone (California) 1st Open Season tournament results


Third Strike rankings: (Out of 28)

1: Frank Melendez (Frankie 3s): Denjin Ryu, Green Ken
2: Ed Ma: Ken
3: … Big Beefy Cock (Actually it’s John D.): Urien
4: PyroLee(!?!): Yun
5: Joel Benefiel (BuffOtaku): Alex, Elena
5: Thomas Shin (Arlieth Tralare) Makoto, Ibuki
7: Jason Cole (AfroCole): Ken
7: Mark Mindo: Yun
9: Sean Kim: Chun Li
9: Victor Vance (VictoLy): Dudley
9: Mayuko Nakajima (ufightlikeagurl): Chun Li
9: Christian Mancina (greenjoker23): Ryu
12: Ty Mitchell: Alex
12: Andrew Small (Nate): Ibuki
12: Rob Greco: Ryu
12: Yi Wang (odangitsyiwang): Ryu

I’ll finish the rest some time later ^^;;

KICKASS TOURNEY. Thank you ALL for coming and making this unbelievably fun.


alls i got to say is THAT TOURNEY ROCKED!

I still say 3rd strike should be every weekend…mandatory 3rd strike tourneys =)


ps. Hey i also used urien for one match!!


Wow that tourney was crazy, probably the most competetive one so cal has had in a while! Congrats to the winners.


Frank is a beast.




good games everyone! lotsa fun! but i got to say the best match that i seen was that one with that christian guy and yi wang, man those kids are crazy!


tom…my last name is mancia, not uh mancina.:lol: