3s pros on ggpo?

any names to look out for on ggpo?

i do ok on ggpo, i think i am right in the middle of noobs and pros, i kill the noobs on ggpo, then the pro ppl just beat the livin crap out of me, yesterday some pro ass twelve beat me down 14 times in a row before going outside for a victory smoke. and for some reason, every urien player i play is pro, its like playing a bunch of rx’s, urien so popular.

my name on ggpo is mysupersdontcomeout, i dont know wanna make my own list pro ppl on ggpo yet, cause i think everyone is pro since anyone good owns me, i think thats cause, the recent release of ggpo is my only experience for competion in 3s ever.

p.s. my name isnt a joke, my supers fail to come out like 90% of the time editbecause my logitech computer controller sucks, i’m used to playing on my ps2 controller which workd perfectly fineedit, i was tired of qq’ing everytime i lost, so i just named myself that. anyone got tips on what a good controller to use? or where i can find a ps2 to usb adapter

So far I am having no issues with the inpin PS2->PS3/PC adapter. I would search the tech talk forum for more information.

I’ve used other USB adapters and they sucked. Not because of input lag, but inputs didn’t register (despite tweaking the USB polling rate). I also find that 2df misses command inputs sometimes too, compared to GGPO I don’t really have any complaints and I only play on GGPO now.

Pro names to look out for on ggpo are


mainly Kenuran, he is hands down pro on ggpo.

:cool:i will kick your ass!(projekt2501)…:pray:and if not =x nica ko exodus\exo-tech cruise. although exo is the only one im sure is on ggpo and not 2df.

Kenuran, exodus, shekeib and T.O. Champion are the best North American players I have played on GGPO, and I have played most of them.

shekeib (the ken or the yun player?)

I once fought the baddest remy on ggpo,forgot his name, he also plays a whole lot of often used

Shekeib uses many characters, but Yun and Ken are on his list.

go post this in the 2df ggpo thread or somethin?

lol people think shotokans “pro”

guess shitty ppl have never played a textbook yun before.

mutantxp (keyboard)/kofiend/flare play online, if you can find them.

flare only plays on ggpo right?? i saw him tryin to get 2df to work but to no avail

i dunno he plays on p2pkaillera sometimes

Keep in mind that most of these “pros” online go out to the arcades or console gathering/tourneys. Theres no “pro” that started out online or solely plays online.

word…im tired of hearing the words “online player”…everyone started offline…i mean unless you were born next to a computer or something MAYBE…but still even then you still had to test the game offline

Well this is online play so people aren’t going to really understand what “pro” is other than who they believe is challenging to beat for themselves. It wouldn’t be that hard to be considered pro online any ways since a lot of the “pros” of 3S don’t play online much to begin with. I may eventually get on but don’t expect it to be for a while. Depends on when I’m unlazy enough to install everything basically.

My ps2 pad is like Thor’s hammer online…godlike

online warrior for life :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I would assume that he meant what one spends the majority of time playing on.

Now I am confused. So Shoheib is mainly the Ken player then?

Shekeib = Ken
Shohaib = Yun

well true but i was just throwing out what i said lol…i just wanted to make that point

anyways when ppl say online player thats like sayin i was born in japan but i live in the US for 15 yrs and ppl call me an American -___-