3S Q Tutorial Released


KaraThrow is proud to present a Q tutorial video, with everything you need to know about Q. Thanks to Mr. Jaime for hosting this for me. You can grab it here

Comments welcome.


Music is too good:cool:


Some sections are hilarious. I had no clue that you could chain a ex dash sweep into SA1!!! good stuff!




linux red cap guy- awesome!
windows media player- boo!

great vid, r u buffering the jab into the super or r u linking from the jab? most jabs in this game have like a pretty decent frame advantage so thats why i’m asking.


It’s a cancel, not a link.


that last combo was sick yo. props.


Great stuff. Really informative.


Damn…really good shit. Its nice to know that I already knew about half the stuff in there…makes me feel like a more accomplished Q player. I’m gonna have to try that C&DB reset in the corner into SA2 some time.


nice that was good stuff


Very nice editing. Text is always a good thing. The location change was interesting. And I like how you have the sound effects mixed with the new music.


WINK and click
…uuuu clawstophibia , i think i got that syndrome


fuck yes!


Good stuff :smiley:





omg wheres teh b.hkxxTaunt =OOOOO

kara grabs streak’s butt


BRAVO! You took your sweet time and it really paid off. Love the explanatory text on the top of the screen.

EDIT: Cute filename.


Nice video!! But coming from another Q player there was nothing really new.


Excellent work Streak! I was thinking about making a Q tutorial video myself, but it looks like you went ahead and did all the hard work for me. Great job!

LoL What do you expect Troy? It’s a tutorial video featuring Q. You shouldn’t download something like that expecting to see ground-breaking combos. I mean it’s Q for crying out loud! He’s about as basic as they get! :lol:

Again great work Streak. Both tutorial vids you’ve released so far have been solid gold. Keep it up!


FYI, Jinrai made the Oro video.

And where in the hell was superjump-cancel Capture and Deadly Blow? :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k, great job Streak!