3S raging demon properties question

ive been thinking about this for a while…

ok if akuma does s.rh and it hits and you cancel it into raging demon it combos right…the opponent gets like turned around or something and during that animation akuma hits with raging demon…

ok, if akuma does s. rh close the over head 2 hit thing…and you cancel it into raging demon something weird happens…like the raging demon advances towards opponenet and is like fucking touching them BUT doesnt dont grab them and then they can even jump out of it or throw or hit akmua…

now my question is why the fuck doesnt the raging demon grab them if its touching them??? they are still in hit animation as the first example i gave but for some reason it will not grab if its s.rh close the over head 2 hit thing…

anyone know why??? or does anyone know what im talking about??? LOL

thanks in advance…

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Let’s say I’m using Necro and have picked slam dance.
I put my opponent into hit stun with b+ roundhouse and do my super, the super misses, even though the animations are touching.
However, if I do Necro’s spin punch, it leaves the opponent back turned, and now the slam dance will combo.

Alex: same thing with hyper bomb. I hit with the knee then hyper bomb. Won’t connect. I back turn them with fierce flash chop, now it combos.

Akuma…far stand roundhouse leaves them back turned for a moment. Close stand roundhouse does not.

ill post here too. is there an eaiser way to do raging demon in 3s

Nin crimson - the reason is because your opponent is still in block stun hence they can jump -The idea is to land the demon with them out of block stun.
Oh and if you get a kick out of doing demons after f+mp why not just learn the Kara demon lp lp f+mp lk hp that will help you out and give you more range on the demon -but make sure you set demons up so they come out upon the opponent comming out of block stun.

Angry black -There is no easier way to do the demon -> Practice makes perfect!

aight but that kara throwdemon was a new concept to me thanks.

I’ve been trying to learn RD setups with 3S Akuma as well. Any other useful setups besides strong punch overhead XX RD?

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Kara Demon???
Umm do u do this the same way u do the regular ragin demon???:confused: :smiley:

opponent in block stun??? im not talking about the f+mp…

they are not in block stun they are getting hit by my s.rh or close rh they are in hit animation…

they get hit by my close rh and the demon doesnt grab them even though hes like in their face…someone gave me more instances with other characters that this happens to, but why does it happen???

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Basically the way all grab supers work in 3S is that you cannot grab someone out of block or hit stun.

Kinda obvious definitions:
Block stun is the stun you’re in while you’re blocking
Hit stun is the stun you’re in while you’re getting hit (sometimes also called reel stun).

However, there is a special hit stun where the character can be hit by a grab super. This happens whenever you hit the opponent with a move that turns them around.

So as listed earlier, characters with moves that cause turn-around can combo their grab supers.

Akuma - far s.RK
Alex - SP Flash (pretty sure about the SP)
Ibuki - j.FP
Necro - FP Tornado (maybe SP also)

Those are the ones I commonly use.

Crap, sorry scuddman, didn’t realize until after I posted that I repeated most of your thread… oh well, figure I’ll just keep my original post intact, and add that Ibuki turn-around.

ok that makes sense…but heres another question…

after the character recovers from hit stun why doesnt he grab them???because clearly the character recovers from hit stun then even jumps out which requires more frames to do, but the character is not grabed during those frames…

or does work like you cant grab them PERIOD if you canceled into the grab…


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I believe( not 100%) characters have a few frames when coming out of hit or block stun where they can’t be thrown. There is a thread about doing Hugo’s hand slap, dash forward, 720. If you do it too fast they can’t be thrown because while leaving block stun they have a few frames that can’t be thrown out of(enough time to hold up). So you have to delay the 720 a bit. I would assume the same idea applies for RD.

I think you can cancel the first part of the close s.roundhouse into Demon and it will grab them(assuming they are blocking but don’t get hit).

Ah I sorry i misread when i saw mention about the f+mp chop I was thinking you were talking about something else anyway, I belive they have to block the close rh and you cancel into demon in the first frames of that before the rh hits them and then it should hit.

There is a situation in which you can grab them even if you cancelled into the grab. It happens when you cancel out of a move that was parried.

Basically it’s just a balance/fairness issue as to why people are allowed that escape window when coming out of block/hit stun for grabs and super grabs. If the window wasn’t there, then the grab would be a combo. The hit window’s also there for when you try to do resets into grabs, in the case of demon setups after hurricane kick resets.

Perhaps someone has some frame data on jumps. Basically from what I remember, anytime a grab is activated from close range the opponent has the option of jumping except if they’re crouching. There was something written about this topic after the Japan VS US Invitational.

oh ok i get it now…

1 more thing…the kara f+mp into raging demon…you said do jab, jab, f+mp, lk, fp

but dont the lp’s come out hinting to opponent that you are going to do it??? or maybe the lps dont come out???

cause i seen where the f+mp just comes out without the lp, maybe they did the lp too fast for it to register or something…

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the lp doesn’t come out for me. after the f+mp i just do raging demon and it cancels nicely. shrug what do i know i’m a scrub.

we are not talking about after the f+mp we are talking about before the thing even hits the opponent, as in his hand is still above his head then that cancels into raging demon…

by the way when you going to play with the tucson peeps, they all want some new people to play…

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i see well either way i sometimes hit the opponent and sometimes i dont. oh well.

i would be in gilbert this past weekend but i have a midterm on monday. next week i’m going to go home and see my girl. but as for time to play i’m really not sure Roberth. i wanna just practice after tommy gives me one of his sticks (he didn’t give me one yet) then join 2 tourneys and that’s it. i’m done. dont expect me to be in the sf scene for too long. i’m gonna be back to play a couple of tourneys in tucson for mvc2 and then i’m gone. i wish i have time to play but my schedule doesn’t let me. i have constant hwk and my girl takes a good portion of my times since she wants to talk alot. other than than i’d be home to gilbert if i wasn’t busy that weekend. primarily i’ve lost interest in street fighter. i’ve been playing counterstrike with my bestfriends and quake online. some of my good friends back in gilbert are pros that are national material so it’s fun playing with them. shrug.
sf bores me. especially mvc2 everyone plays the same shit over and over again. until capcom shows me something good as fuck you wont be seeing me too much after a couple of tucson tourneys. …if any of that shit even happens.

Mask the Kara demon, out of a dash for example!

i get it…like you can mask it off c. lk too, i saw it in vid LOL that shit is really too good…

al if you can do that shit without masking it and not have a lp come out you ARE THE MAN dude lol you gots to show me cause i dont believe you:p

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