[3S RB] official third strike ranking battle | season 2 - 1 of 8 | 9/6/08

season 1 results:

  1. exodus
  2. chi-rithy
  3. tenren
  4. devilzknight211
  5. nica ko

presenting the official third strike online ranking battle! this will be our 2nd season, with a total of 8 tournaments running [hopefully] every week. players will battle through tough opponents and cheap urien online tactics to earn points throughout the season, with hopes of coming out victorious at the end of the season!

date: saturday, september 6, 2008
time: 9pm eastern [6pm west coast] [registration takes 15 minutes before start]
place: #3SRB on EFNET
emulator: 2df [www.2dfighter.com]
format: 2 out of 3, double elimination

note: there is a 32 player cap, so show up early.

we will be using irc to facilitate the communication involved throughout the tournament. we will be playing on 2dfighter. if it is absolutely necessary, players may opt to continue using nfba dtr9, but for simplicity’s sake, please use 2df. if the lobby lags you, just minimize it.

practice up!

I like how cheap online Urien tactics gets the same play as tough opponents.


spread the word. :slight_smile:

eh? Cruise! WHASUUUUP! didnt know you posted here!

Cool. I’m gonna get in on this season

Lol, at the Urien tactics.

Count me in. :tup:

I might join but could someone explain to me why you guys arent on ggpo, i mean 2df is just p2p with no netcode(no hate

good shit…yo exo if you could just explain to me how the point system works…ill be able to run team ranbats on fri or sat which ever day you’re not doing a ranbat :tup: cant wait :slight_smile:

Oops, forgot about the ranbat. Guess I need to blow the dust off 2DF.:smile:

that would be scrubbing out.

we need to get them to do the ranbats on ggpo! midwest to east coast only! :smiley:

bah you ppl and your ggpo lol…that would be messed up anyways…midwest to EC ONLY ?? and i thought only US and canada ONLY was bad lol

i’m pretty fair when it comes to 2df vs ggpo arguments. ggpo is so beastly for people on the same coast, but terrible for further distance. 2df is just, a lot more delayed overall but it allows you to play with anyone.

if it’s not incredibly clear already, there’s 2 reasons why i chose 2df over ggpo.

1 - ease of replays: i had to ask for people to save their replays in season 1. that’s no longer necessary if we use 2df.

2 - ggpo has spectators. i probably can’t stress this enough, but ggpo is very inconsistent for matches because of the spectators.

GGPO is not very good for 3s.

Better than 2df for everything else it runs though.

I’m playing this time and I’m bringing my cheap tactics with me.

i can do top 8 vids ksk style:tup:

Yeah, spec lag can literally change the entire complexion of a match where one player can go from a sure loss to winning by being saved due to spec lag.

count me in :slight_smile:



Uh. Well not really. :frowning: