[3S RB] official third strike ranking battle | season 2 - 2 of 8 | 9/26/08

date: friday, september 26, 2008
time: 9pm eastern [6pm west coast] [registration takes 15 minutes before start]
place: #3SRB on EFNET
emulator: 2df [www.2dfighter.com]
format: 2 out of 3, double elimination

note: there is a 32 player cap, so show up early.

we will be using irc to facilitate the communication involved throughout the tournament. we will be playing on 2dfighter. if it is absolutely necessary, players may opt to continue using nfba dtr9, but for simplicity’s sake, please use 2df. if the lobby lags you, just minimize it.

spread the word so we can get a full 32 cap this time!


  1. nica ko - 28
  2. npartovi - 25
  3. tenren - 18
  4. gutsi - 15
  5. daemon - 13.5
  6. bars n hooks - 13.5

count me in :slight_smile:

2df sucks!! go back to nfba!!

sounds fun.I’ll try to be there.

Oh really? This is an online Rankings Battle?
I’d like to join =D

I guess I’ll join

where you been?

yo is it possible to move this to saturday? people still work on fridays. a good turn out with more participants is surely to pop up on a weekend. just a thought.

I’ve been around, I just haven’t been able to make any Friday night tournaments for a while because of some stuff I started doing. I’ve been trying to play a bit on 2df, but it’s terrible on my comp, and nobody’s on nfba anymore :sad:

of course…the stuff thats used for the ranking battles dont work for you :rolleyes: you still didnt fix your comp?? and how about that internet connection??

lol, my comp was fine, it was my slow connection, but I fixed it already my connection is great now. But damn 2df is a resource hog like GGPO. So now my computer isn’t fast enough and I get a fireball 1/10 tries

I actually used my new laptop last night on 2df and it was a good amount better than on my desktop, but still not as good as nfba for me. Damn all these new clients

step your game up zerog lol get a BETTER comp…i had my desktop for years and yet it still runs 2f perfectly lol so as i said STEP YOUR GAME UP lol

You must have returned at the dawn of the new interface.

I really do need to step my game up, i’m playing like trash, too much CVS-2 lol, I can still probably beat exo though :wgrin:

OOHH SHIT…Exo your gonna take that??? he straight disrespectin you son lol im such an asshole :looney:

Nica you worm, quit trying to get your post up! :rofl::rofl:

I should actually be…dare I say…AVAILABLE for this? lol. I am more than likely in for this…i’m anxious for this ranbat

I don’t know about anybody else but 2df crashes too much. What are the rules for if such happens during a match?

Can’t wait, this’ll be a lot of fun =]

You play 2/3 with your momma jokes and we all vote the winner