[3S RB] official third strike ranking battle: season 2!

pondering on when i should hold them? friday? saturday? sunday? i’m thinking of friday nights, as i almost always go home to my parents on saturdays and sundays now…but then again…that might open saturday up. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

i will be moving these ranking battles onto 2df – HOWEVER. i will still enforce mandatory IRC, because IRC is a better venue for the communication involved.

is true.

down for any day.
the early fridays and sundays were always good though.

Anyday is fine by me.

good shit exo ive been waiting for this…i say fridays…satrudays is cool too

maybe they can be held in the afternoon so ppl have time to go out at night (just my suggestion)

post a start date ASAP so that way i wont happen to create a tournament on one of the days of the ranking battle

maybe we can do team ranking battles HMMMMMMMM

right now it’s definitely looking like friday or saturday; sundays are almost always out of the question.

why not sunday? friday nights are the time to go out and saturdays people have tournaments offline sometimes.

friday mornings/afternoons are good.

because usually in order to run it i have to be there =X

well tournament season offline as of right now is pretty cold no?

the least ppl will do is like a regular tournament but nothing big…but its as i said satuday tournaments can be held in like the afternoon so ppl can go out and chill later on during the night

Xsonicc- your AV is funny…i like it haha

Saturday morning/afternoon plzzz

So now we just wait for Exo, Nataku and Tenren to nab all the points.

^^ i’d put shinshay up there with them too

Id say shinshay, if he didnt have such a busy life.


me no? :sad:

i tink i can get some good points :china:

haha yea you too. i forgot how annoying those yuns and yangs are. :pray:

im gonna take out this exodous fool. =)

p.S i need to get 2df to get working.

I want in on this this time.

I say there’s no way you can synchronize this to fit 30 people’s schedules so just schedule it when you’re available and make everyone else deal :confused:

Also, if any of you wanna make a run on dead last, you’re gonna have to get through me first, bitches. :cool:

I’ll join this time.

I’ll join. Maybe. Depends on what day it is.