3s: Remy Tactics



Remy is capable of being played aggressively or Defensively. Just make sure you have a good understanding of parrying.Lastly, make sure to prepare yourself that you are NOT playing Guile/Charlie when you pick this character.

Honestly, I’m not certain where the perfect place is to begin but I’ll start with zoning in.

Though I typically like to get close to my oppoennt to mess them up, it’s sometimes hard for me to decide what is the safest way to zero in without getting smacked for it. A low LoV is typically good to dash after. If you can dash in at least twice you will typically end up right next to your LoV which is great so that you can give your opponent less time to execute a super or even in general to think. Theres no perfectly safe thing to do after following a LoV. Just make sure that you mix it up:

throw a LoV, dash2x-throw/CBK/c. short-Super art 1/2 or c. strong CBK/ dash back and dash back again-throw/OUH

There are other possibilities but anyway, There some combos that lead to set up traps:

In Corner
C. fierce, s. CBK, s. fierce-Dash-(Set Up)throw, RRF/SAI

Neutral Throw-s. strong/s. forward/c. strong/s. jab(NOTE: this combo only works on characters that can be juggled by a RRF after the n. throw)-dash(Set Up) Throw (repeat)

air Fierce, s. forward, s. CBK-(Set Up) throw (enemy MUST be crouching)

In order to mix up what you do for the set up you can avoid teching throws with another s. CBK (which is reversal against throws) or c. short-SAI/SAII. In order to avoid DPs you could just dash back and dash forward again.

There are other things that aren’t combos that lead to set ups as well:

Personal Overhead-(Set Up)Kara-Throw (roundhouse version)
In Corner: Blocked LoV-Pause-Kara Throw

Okay, Thats enough for now. I’ll post most general info, Character specific info, and Super tactics later.


Look, you suck with Remy, acept it…

I’ve played with you a couple of times in plaza and you suck big time!

You say to play with remy you need a good understanding of parrying,in order to play 3s efectively you need to dominate the parry system with any character you dummy!!!

you only win against people who dont parry and the only thing you do to is turtle and do a crouching fierce to his lighting kick… you abuse that shit all day long!!!

Of course once you figure out you oponent knows how to parry you shit you pants right then and there.:lol: :lol:

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putting someone else down doesn’t make you look better…


Honestly, whoever you are, Remy_Stryker has never played you before in his life. You most likely don’t even know what he looks like and are probably very bored and you just decided to bring this thread down because of your stupid emotions. Your report of an assumed fighting style completely sucks. I’ve dealt with posters like you before. Take your rants elsewhere.


Let me add something useful to this Remy threard:

Ground Game:

EX low LoVs are perfect for punishing you opponent for standing
in mid range.

If you parry something that hits kinda high/mid like Chun Lis s. fierce: c. fierce, CBK, RRF is the combo of choice. It’s somewhat similar to getting Akumas c. forward, s. Hurricane, DP combo in. So do as much damage as you can.

As for that CBK combo you posted where the enemy must be crouching, it doesn’t work at all against really short people like Oro, Elena, Ibuki, Chun Li, Yun, and Yang.

Super wise: It’s best to only use Remy’s SAI against characters that it will connect if they are crouching. This means that you shouldn’t use it against Oro, Elena,Chun Li, Ibuki, Yun, and Yang who duck right under the first LoVs most of the time.
However It’s great to be able to do decent damage off of the neutral throw-SAI against Yun/Yang/Ibuki but when you get that low parry you’ll really wish you had SAII.
Blue Nocturne is for anti-retaliation and buffering between parries. I think I saw you parry the 1st hit of Ryus overhead into Blue Nocturne? I can’t even do shit like that.


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He doesnt know who I am, but I know who he is cuz I heard him talking one day at san patricio

1st of all, I’ve never been to San Patricio in my life. I probably couldn’t care less about going there anyway.

and he used to have blonde hair

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… he has been lately using twelve…hasnt he???

I use Remy no matter what.

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You’re nuts, but sure, I’ll take you on any time.

Dear Zero_Synth, about the Blue Nocturne technique, it’ts a trick to get used to. One thing that you want to keep in mind is that you want to parry an attack that has another attack that comes after the previous one. Then immediately execute Blue Nocturne.

Heres a list:

-personal overhead
-advancing fierce

-s. strong (s. fierce is more likely to come afterward than not.)
-Personal Overhead
-SAIII (red parry the the 3rd hit instead of the 1st/2nd)

-EX reversal Punch
-Machine Gun Blow (esp. EX)
-SAI: either parry the 1st rocket uppercut before executing or red parry the 2nd rocket uppercut before executing. You should have more han enough time to execute SAIII while he’s taking time to attack again)
-SAII: red parry the 2nd hit immediately-blue Nocturne. If the enemy isn’t spazzing you’ll run out of time.
-SAIII: This is fairly easy but make sure that you parry at least the 2nd hit or else you’ll lose your chance, that is if the enemy used the jab/strong version)

-EX shoulder charge
-EX flash chop (not recommended though)
-SAII ( Parry the 1st hit or Red parry either the 2nd/3rd hit before executing)

-Personal overhead
-Axe kick
-SAII: red parry the 2nd/3rd & 4rth hit before executing. You should have more than enough time to do this while he is recovering between his sets of dragon punches)

SAII: Red parry the 2nd hit, execute.

-c. roundhouse
-3-hit special
-SAIII: If he transforms into you, look for that double sweep.

-c. roundhouse
-close standing roundhouse (not recommended)
-SAII: Red parry the second 3-hit flash kick, execute.

-s. fierce (not recommending)
-c. strong (it’s okay)
-EX shoulder charge
-EX dash punch
SAI: You have have WAY more than enough time to execute Blue Nocturne after red parrying the 2nd hit.
SAII: Red parry one of those hits, execute.
SAIII: uhhhh…this one’s kinda complicated.

-EX mantis slash (not quite recommended, but always recommended when being chessed)
-SAII: red parry, Super Art III.
-SAIII: same problem as Yuns.

-spinning Kick
-any of her chains
-SAII: This one is weird. I’ll get back to it.

Chun Li
-s. strong
-Lightning kick (2-in-1: fireball motion-parry is required)
-SAI: this one isn’t worth it.
-SAII: Parry the 2nd set of kicks, Blue Nocturne.
-SAIII: Parry some of the remaining hits, Blue Nocturne should only connect on the last hit.

-Multiple fierces (whatever the hell it’s called)
-SAII Parry the 1st 3 hits, Blue Nocturne.

-Special Overhead
-SAI: red parry the second set, Execute
-SAII: red parry, execute (Fireball motion-parry is required)

-Personal Overhead
-SAIII: This one isn’;t even worth it… I think.

-Drill kick
-Lariat: Red parry, Execute.
-SAI: red parry, Execute. (Fireball motion parry is recommended)

-c. fierce
-EX shoulder Tackle
-SAI (red parry the 4rth hit, Execute)
-SAIII: There possibilities for this in the corner but I’m not sure.

-High speed Barrage

  • EX dash punch (not recommended since it ends up being more of a guessing game of figuring out if it’s a low/high parry at times)
    SAI: red Parry, Execute
    SAII: You MUST parry the first hit, Then execute.

-s. roundhouse/forward (the one where the 2nd hit is an overhead)
-SAIII: Red parry the 2nd/3rd hit, execute.

NOTE: The fireball motion parry is this: do a fireball motion and make certain that you are puching the joystick forward for a parry. That is the final coordinate of the fireball motion. This allows you to do one more fireball motion +kick for the super. This the best 2-in-1 that I can think of.



Remy Stryker inspired me. =) As a result, I threw this vid together:


I put each instance roughly in order of easiest to most difficult, at least IMO. I especially wanted to show the times where you don’t even need to parry at all to use the Blue Nocturne. I also put a couple ones in the middle (the Remy and Elena ones) that show common links with those chars that someone could conceivably mistime and allow you to block (and red parry) the super. Of course, some of the last few are difficult enough that it’s not really worth the risk to try and red parry them (Sean’s in particular). The last 2 clips just show a couple anomalies. Apparently, Urien is considered to be in the air very briefly during the last hit of the Tyrant (this is why I red parried the 3rd hit instead of the 4th earlier in the video). The Chun Li one is just for the WTF factor. =)


Oh, so great!, Thanks SlimX!!


oh no not remy… remy is like the most annoying character in the game… all he needs to do is to keep repeating what he’s planned when the game started… he only needs to keep in a certain distance from u and exec those move, then u won’t be able to hit him even he missed or u blocked them… the only way to stand a chance against remy is not to let him get in control of the game… or be a parrying god…

he is a strong character, but the way he plays can be a bit lame… :lame:


Thanks Remy-Stryker & SlimX
I wonder what would happen if Remy hit Dudley with s. fierce and canceled it into Blue Nocturne when Dudley was in a cross counter phase. Hopefully the outcome wouldn’t be as stupid when HUgo and Remy both simultaneously do SAIII point blank.

I also found a number of attacks that tempt the opponent to smack Remy:

A close High LoV (The enemy ducks under it with-in sweep range (This doesn’t includes titanic characters)-blue Nocturne.

A missed Personal Overhead.

A missed s. roundhouse

A missed far s. strong as anti wake up.

A blocked c. forward (usually works against SAIII Ken players)


Well, If it was not you, then there was this guy in San Pa a loooong time ago saying that he posted in srk and that his name was remystriker and he had blonde hair or highlights or something… and he went to play CvS2. I’ve seen this guy in Plaza las Americas lots and lots of times and most of the time he uses Remy, and lately he has been using 12…

So, If this guy isnt you, then there is someone who plays in Plaza Americas that is saying that he is Remy Striker…


Cool vid SlimX. It’s nice to know that there are somethings that you don’t have to parry in order to sneak Blue Nocturne in. The Chun Li part was strange. I’ve encountered the same thing when I did Blue Nocturne against Akuma personal Overhead.

Dear Z_X_S, those Blue Nocturne scenarios are kinda risky assumptions, but then again, trying to get Blue Nocturne in isn’t a predictible situation anyway. Here are a few character assumptions with Remys SAIII:

after parrying his Taunt do Blue Nocturne as an anticipation that he’s going to do some sort of follow up. This is something that a lot of Dudley players do.

Chun Li SAII
Throw a LoV and cancel it with Blue Nocturne when she has her super ready. Do this sparringly though. The same thing can be applied to SAI Yang, SAI Q, and sometimes SAIII Dudley.

Lastly if your opponent likes to switch sides when you’re jumping in,that is, in order to get a c. forward into super (Chun Li, Shotos, and other c. forward buffers) do Blue Nocturne as soon as you land. You’ll know to do it when the enemy tries to walk/dash forward in order to end up right behind you. People do this because they assume that you’re jumping in for a throw. Thus, they get out of range to pursue attacking you out of grabbing range.

Since it’s hard to zone in on Chun Li, it’s better to move farther back at times and hit her on recovery when she misses something like a s. fierce. Just make certain that you’re not the one that gets smacked into the corner, you must advance toward her, which is the hard part. The only way to do this is manuever and punish Chun Li on recovery, Parry an attack (sparringly though) and attack, Sit on your ass and c. short, RRF/SAI/SAII when she tries to advance for a throw. If you fear a Kara throw is going to be involved use a UOH or RRF instead.

The Super that you should use is SAII. SAI will not connect on Chun Li if she’s crouching (90% of the time). So stay away from SAI unless you intend to try some anti-standing tactics (c. short, SAI) or some of his weird neutral throw combos in the corner with some serious ‘fuck up set up’ traps afterwards.

Though SAIII would be great since it would intimidate her from doing all those damn c. forwards, s. fierces, and EX lightning kicks you have to precise and damn fast unless you’re just recovering from wake up. Blue Nocturne could also be useful for anti-parry-counter tactics, that is, if Chun Li parried your c. strong and went for her c. forward, it would be cool if you countered that shit with SAIII right? However you’d have to be in the motion of doing the super and executing SAIII as soon as they parried it. This is a tactic that should be used sparringly. Thus, if you guess that they will do nothing after parrying c. strong, cancel it into CBK instead.

Once you’ve gotten close to Chun Li, poke with repeated s. CBKs (2-3 but not more than that) and do RRF/kara-throw mix ups afterwards.
UOHs into c. short-s. CBK are pretty safe steps for poking in close.
If you get a UOH in, try to link in c. short-SAII.

Theres not much that Chun Li can do when she’s being zoned in, except for her weird EXs and a c. roundhouse every now and then. A lot of Chun Li players don’t use her SAI or her SAIII, so you should feel okay about using those methods in close.

If you want to advance against Chun Li, Remy’s c. forward, s. fierce, and a low LoV are pretty useful. CBK isn’t that good to advance with when she is in in range to parry and counter it.

Basically, Chun Lis c. forward, s. fierce, and her EX spinning bird kick/lightning kick are your worst enemies. Remys specific problems include making his CBKs too obvious for parries, most of his attacks have slightly slower start up and range, and Remy’s other problem is getting smacked for doing an LoV too late.

Chun Lis 1st problem against Remy is being smacked by EX LoW LoVs for either being smacked before she could get a move out, for standing and walking too much, or not parrying. This messes with her ground game.

2nd. Chun Li doesn’t have any serious chains, thus, there a lot of holes between her pokes. Remy can take advantage of this by RRFing between the pokes.
3rd. Also, if Remy gets a c. fierce or an air fierce in an air game, it just means a lot of damage and a possible set up trap if she gets smacked into the corner.
4rth. If she uses any of her sucky moves like df roundhouse, her special overhead, an out of range kikoken, and sometimes even her advancing forward she can easily be parried into any of Remys c. fierce combos.

5th. As long as Remy can do a LoV from long range (when she doesn’t have that damn SAII) Remy can easily follow up and screw Chun Li before she can do anything. Plus Remy can dash back or play chicken on his follow up to punish Chun Li for being out of range if she does something like duck under a high LoV and do EX SBK or parry the LoV and attack before Remy is close enough to screw her up.


light of virtue trap?

does anyone have a faster link to that Remy skill smith vid where he does like 3 sonic booms on the screen deal?

i’ve done it but i really want to know in a fight who to use it against and when. SEEMS lame i keep asking the same question but i really never got an answer from other threads and websites on the tactics for the LoV trap.

if no one can answer i’ll just go back to trying to figure it out by myself i guess…:bluu:

but thanx anyways in advance, its good to see really good players speak Remy on here:)

its wierd in Slim’s movie how he had the Remy player do a standing MK THEN do the super, i’ve read in a FAQ that someone onced suggested to do a standing MK THEN do the super, does the standing MK stalled into the super give it some wierd property or something?


nevermind guys i figured out the trap thingy thanx anyways though


Nice video SlimX. I just started playing 3s not too long ago and I still suck ass at parrying, but it’s good to see the potential Remy has in a parry game. I’ll have to try those out sometime.

Also, great strategies Remy_Stryker.


It’s best to do the trap in the corner. The enemy gets pushed too far away to do it within mid-screen. Just make certain that you’re charging before the LoV comes out.

As for the MK deal, it gives Remy no weird properties as far as I know. I use MK in combos because it does more damage and stun damage than his s. strong.


Remy vs Alex

okay, this is the third of Remy’s worst match ups.
Remy’s main disadvantage is that Alex takes damage well and that Alex can easily stun him. This turns up to be more of a range game, but it’s not as bad as facing Chun Li.

Some of the weaknesses that I’ve noticed in my gameplay against Alex has been:

Getting Hyper bombed on wake up

Getting punished for not parrying Alex’s air fierce

Not parrying Alex EX shoulder charge (damn, that thing is fast)

Falling for old school-Jump in, do nothing, SAI bullshit.

and finally, throwing a LoV at the wrong time for Alexs SAIII to
get an advantage.

Some of the cool shit that I’ve smacked Alex players for:

old school blocked CBK–throw/RRF mix up

“anti-wake up + anti-standing” c. short, SAI

“Anti-wake up + anti head stomp” Air fierce reversal

Throw a LoV, fake a follow up by missing Alex’s counter, sweep on recovery.

red parrying a flash chop after a blocked s. forward–c. fierce, RRF

What Remy has going for him is his quick recovery, sometimes even if an attack is parried he can still retaliate/parry without fear of punishment:

If Remy jumps in with a deep Air fierce and Alex parries it, Remy can somehow still do a RRF a couple of pixels before he even lands from the air fierce. Don’t ask me how this is, just try it sometime. You can avoid Alexs SAI with this tactic as well as other annoying throws.

After every successful parry remember that you want to combo as much as possible:

Air-to-Air parry: Air fierce, CBK, RRF–OR–Air Fierce, SAI/SAII–OR-- Air fierce, CBK, s. roundhouse-dash in for a set up trap.

Remy Air Parry–Alex ground attack
Deep Air fierce, c. fierce, RRF
Air fierce, s. forward, s. roundhouse
Air fierce, s. forward, SAI/SAII

Remy Ground Parry–Alex Air attack
Always c. fierce, RRF if you can help it.

ground-to-ground parry:
s. forward, s. roundhouse (if Alex is standing close)
s. forward, short CBK (if alex is crouching close)
s. strong, c. strong, c. short, SAI/SAII (if Alex is crouching close)
c. fierce, RRF (usually do this if he’s standing)
c. strong, SAI/SAII (if Alex is too far for a better combo)
Just sweep/short CBK (if he’s just too damn far)
Just grab (if you don’t give a damn)

Despite all the comboing possibilities don’t forget Remy can poke Alex into any corner. Feel free to use far s. fierce and s. forward as a part of your mid-range pokes, but make certain that you use a lot of s. strong for anti-air. If he air-parries it, you can parry it before he can do shit, then get your c. fierce combo for no extra charge. :cool:

Don’t bother using CBK for anti-air. save that for those dive kicking Yun & Yang players. You can use a late and distant short CBK for anti air since it’s not an expected attack.

Remy’s EXs

Remember to use Low EX LoVs for anti-standing purposes.

A high EX LoV doesn’t serve much purpose against Alex except for using it to hit him before he even jumps.

Remy’s EX CBK is still a hard one to figure. It’s ‘okay’ at times to use for anti air but honestly, I only use this if I want to hit Alex with something harder than a sweep after parrying a distant c. roundhouse.

If you’re psychic like I am, you’ll use this baby not only for anti-air but also as a reversal against pokes.

Super Art Tactics

This baby is good for anti-air. If you really want Alex to jump, throw a LoV far from mid-range (when he doesn’t have SAIII ready) and execute a SAIas soon as he jumps. Alex gets juggled for a long time by this super so remember to dash a number of times after Alexs juggled body and get a roundhouse CBK in. If he’s closer to the corner do short CBK, roundhouse RRF. If he’s juggled body is IN the corner, get a c. fierce, s. CBK, r. RRF combo!

ahh…Remy’s trusted high priority super. Too bad the damage that this super does won’t seriously satisfy you when you realize how well Alex takes damage. Not to mention after how long it’ll take you to build that damn meter. Thus, you should understand that this is the super art that’s for using up to 6 EXs to use for some good counters whether it’s after a parry or a missed attack. Don’t bother using this for anti-air, it’s not worth it.
It’s also best to use this Super Art if you feel like being aggressive with s. CBKs, dash in tactics, and various Overheads and throwing annoyances and if you feel like low parrying into c. strong–super art a lot.

The serious super art of choice. Don’t worry, you’ll make your opponent feel like playing chicken and doing nothing but throws (esp. Alex) to avoid your super. simply throw out a few missed pokes and Execute when you feel like it. Remember to think further than Blu Nocturne. Your opponent thinks that you’re going to do it. But don’t make them think so. Make them feel comfortable enough to do various pokes when they realize that you haven’t unleashed the super yet. SAIII is only for people have other things on their mids other than EXs.
Alex is going to have to hit sooner or later with a headstomp or a flash chop sooner or later. He’s number one attack to look for is his fierce overhead.

Anti Alex SAIII

He’s either going to want to use for wake up or use it when you’re on recovery.

For wake up, heres the deal, just get in close like you’re going to do something, then jump up. If he goes for a SAIII do a Air Fierce, RRF combo.

For missed attacks:
Don’t miss a c. forward, personal Overhead, or a c. roundhouse (esp. c. roundhouse) You should be using c. roundhouse for certain perposes like anti-dashins, after a high parried LoV, and missed attacks. The Personal overhead is something that you might use between your pokes but not as anti-wake up against a charged SAIII Alex player. c. forward must hit, it’s got too much recovery to be missing shit, if not, you might be able to get a RRF in time against it.

Anti Alex SAII

A low LoV trades hits with this thing! I don’t know about an EX but RRF doesn’t beat this super. Weird, huh? The only way I can see this thing being used is for wake up and combos. Thus dash back from Alex when he’s on wake up, and avoid Alex jump ins. Either dash forward to get behind him when he jumps in or use s. strong as early as possible. If Alex Doesn’t do anything, Jump up to avoid the mix up of facing a Super/throw.

"You Can’t Escape!" It’s amazing how I can still jump at times. He’s only going to get this on you when lucky. It’s either a jump in, wake up (which I sweeped him out of ?!?), or after parrying a CBK. This should be easy to avoid.

Overall SAIII is the only bugger super.


As usual, Stryker, great strats.



Remy vs Hugo

Okay, it’s easy to realize that Remy can control the pace of this match. This is true. The weird thing is that the way I’ve played my Remy against Hugo players oddly resembles several Akuma vs Hugo matches that I saw in Japan. it’s a ‘Parry that projectile’ marathon for Hugo and a manuevering + rushdown + mix-up game for Remy. Practically, this is the best thing that each of the characters can do against eachother.

Remy’s disadvantage is that it’s going to take him forever to deplete all of Hugos energy bar; one bad move could mean a devastating SPD; and being knocked down and set in a crowding wake up-mix up game against Hugo is usually up for grabs.

Remy’s main advantage is his LoVs (as long as Hugo doesn’t smack him with a c. forward first) as long as he can follow up and mix up what he’s going to do next, Hugo is going to be a disadvantage (mainly because he doesn’t have a DP; he won’t always have SAI ready; and SPD has a little too much start up).
In addition, Remy can feel free to use more moves and different, yet more damaging combos. e.g. Remy can do Air Fierce, s. fierce, s. CBK when Hugo is crouching-Remy can’t get a s. fierce on any other crouching character except Q); Remy can do ‘2-hit s. roundhouse’, c. strong, (EX) RRF/SAI/SAII when Hugo is crouching.
Remy’s other sweet attacks, such as far s. roundhouse and far s. strong, hit Hugo even when he’s crouching.

All of Hugos overheads are shitty slow-you should have no prolem parrying them and getting a c. fierce combo afterwards. Otherwise, get use to it.

You might want to jump in with an early s. roundhouse every now and then to avoid random shootdown breakers.

When Hugo has SAI/SAII and you’re crowding against him, you may want to jump back with an air roundhouse to avoid any possible mix up of his shootdown breaker/SPD. (you may have seen this before)

If Hugo is crowding against you and you don’t want to guess wtf he’s going to do, dashing back can be one of the best things to do. you could just jump back with an air roundhouse but Hugo’s hand clap and fierce overhead won’t allow you enough time. But then again, due to the start up time of both of those moves, he’s only going to prevent you from jumping if he executes those moves before you finish waking up. Thus, you should be able to see it and parry it instead of feeling worried about guessing.

Anti-wake up tactics against Hugo:

If Hugo has SAI ready, execute a short/roundhouse CBK once Hugo finishes his wake up animation. Since Remy CBK can’t be grabbed off the ground, the CBK can be used as a reversal against ground grabs. Thus, you can tempt hugo to do a SAI without having to jump against a shoot down breaker.

If Hugo has SAII ready, do s. fierce–s. cbk/r. cbk as soon as he finishes wake up animation. the s. fierce is to give him something to parry/smack him out of SAII and then to do CBK as a reversal against a grab after he parries the s. fierce. I’m certain how this exactly counters SAII itself, but it’s the only super that allows such a crowding set up.

If Hugo has SAIII ready, crowd in and then dash the fuck back. Last time I checked, I was able to dash back from Hugo and do c. roundhouse (originally for anti standing/grabbing purposes) and ended up sweeping him out of SAIII. However, if he doesn’t do anything and manages to block and parry the c. roundhouse, the tactic is semi-useless. Use the c. roundhouse part sparringly.

Use high LoV and s. strong for distant anti-air. If he parries the LoV, follow up with a s. strong/s. roundhouse/ SAI.

Make certain you use SAI for anti air and for a cheese with a pre-executed low LoV when Hugo has almost no life left.

Other than that, just make certain that you use alot of LoVs (esp. high ones) and mix up your follow up. You’ll be on the offensive side most of the time (If not, shame on you) except for avoiding Hugo’s dash-in-SPDs (which are also shitty slow) and parrying his air roundhouse/body splash/ and avoiding c. forward.