3s replay save problems (PS2)

I have a few 3s replay saves recorded from Street Fighter Anniversary Edition (from a recent session). While I was at this session, I was freely able to watch the replays on the PS2 where the replays were saved from.

There are also 3s japanese replay files on the same memory card, and whilst I am perfectly able to load up the japanese replays from the japanese version of 3s fine, I can’t seem to load the SFAE 3s replays within SFAE: 3s when I try on my own japanese PS2. It simply says “There is no replay data”.

I’ve tried removing all system data/replays for 3s(J) from the memory card, but didn’t make any difference.

Does anyone know if there are issues with 3s system data/replay files from 3s(J) and SFAE 3s coexisting on the same memory card?

I’m probably gonna consider buying a separate memory card so that I can keep the 3s(J) replays and the SFAE: 3s replay files separate if there is definately a problem… :sad:

Is there any widely known problem about the PAL 3S replay saves? I know in the US NTSC SFAC, replay saves on 3s will sometimes load up incorrectly, leading to matches where they just stand there.

PAL 3s for PS2 doesn’t exist. I’m talking explicitly about the standalone 3s (Japanese) version, and SFAE (NTSC) that has 3s and HSF on a single disc.

WOW, sorry did not know that, that sucks. I do have both the US SFAC and the Japanese 3S saves on the same memory card, and I don’t have a problem switching between them. I don’t use the SFAC for replay saves for the problems I mentioned above, however.

Replays will fuck up… same thing happen to me

It’s a glich…Get over it.

not sure if i fully understand what topic starter is saying
but here goes

It doesn’t matter which version of PS2 you use, they all read memory cards any files


these are all seperate games and you can only play the replays on the version it was saved in. I have SFIII3s (J) and SFAC (U) and i have different replays for each game and they will only play in that particular game. Having both kinds of replays on the memory card shouldn’t affect them loading in the proper version (works fine for me anyway).

Hope that helps